sky picnic

Alas only a teaser excerpt but this is the forthcoming twin set from shimmering 60’s darlings Sky Picnic ahead of their appearance at Fruit de Mer‘s crabstock festival. As yet both cuts are untitled – in so much as I can’t find a title for them and as teasingly brief as they are you do get a sense and measure as to what their about with the former shimmered in softly purred sun setting auras sprinkled in lightly dappled reflective psych folk breezes while the latter (even shorter teaser by the way) is a cooled spectral late 60’s love in dreamily flashbacking and freebasing on the vibes of legendary flowery psych festivals which by our ears sounds like a smoked out Jefferson. If that’s whetted your appetite and it should have the band recently released a jam take for their new as yet untitled and completed album the first fruits of this work in progress being ‘Old Cromwell’ which has surfaced on their band camp page and by our reckoning sounds well stoned out voyaging as it does into Cranium Pie / Earthling Society environs with just a taste trace of Supersister buried deep in the mix.

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