Every so often something comes along to blow the competition clean away. Something that can truly be called a classic in waiting. Something measured, quietly immense and with it deeply alluring and soundwise ahead of the curve. Something for instance like ’a song about trees’ by Veto. Taken from a strictly limited 250 only white wax 6 track set entitled ’Broadway’ via small bear records, ’a song about trees’ is prime packed with a majestic austere gravitas clipped in tension and scored in panoramic glory, on first visits Joy Division and the Wild Swans are in easy reach of recall, even Zerra 1 flitter the reference markers, but there’s a softness here, an almost regretful reflection sours the groove lines giving it a bruised soulful persona not to mention the kind of prowling cinematic sheen that these days appears to grace the choreographed soundtracks of John Murphy.


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