Also primed for RSD14 action is a limited one sided 4 track 12 inch set from Creepoid via the crucially cool grave face imprint, the band formed in 2008 have in recent years seen their stock potential risings having shared stages with – quite frankly anyone and everyone on your must see live wish list. The release pretty much coincides with the quartets short stateside tour which opened yesterday with an appearance at the Graveface festival Gorgia. From the set (incidentally titled ‘wet’) ‘wet bread’ has loosened itself from its shackles and elected itself to be sent ahead as a herald, a near perfect stoned out dream pop cutie that sounds to these ears like the Pixies getting high and light headed on the stratospheric vapour trails left in the wake of my bloody valentine, factor in the showers of snow busting euphoric eruptions and its oddly off centred slo-mo warping and you have something that ought to raise the eye lines of chapterhouse and slowdive enthusiasts from their shoes.

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