Tripped over this on a jaunt around band camp world as you do, this lot hail from Leeds, are a three piece going under the name Formes who describe who describe themselves as a metal, drone, progressive rock, kraut, psyche, psychedelic band which I guess pretty much covers all bases and keeps their options open. New posting ‘lights’ produced by Mark Gardener – what that Mark Gardener – is I guess best described as progressive dream pop. Skirting around the edges of 70’s cosmic ambience and sharing a kinship sound wise to the frankly immense Static Caravan starlets Tokolosh, the atmospheric ’lights’ navigates a route way dappled in the gaseous swirl of dream dipped oceanic swathes and silken harmonies that soon find themselves ruptured and impacted by a pulse purring surge of staccato riffage before galloping forth to charge towards some unseen utopian clearing. In short we need to hear more .

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