ellis island sound

More returning loves, this time I’m not even going to bother belly aching about how long its been and how our hi-fi has suffered pining at night as another day passes by without so much of a bleep or blip. Safe to say I’m expecting a letter of explanation from their guardian forthwith and the reason better be a good one. Last time out they were on Static Caravan these days the chosen imprint is Village Green. Of course I refer to Ellis Island Sound that much you wouldn’t have guessed unless you’re a mind reader or right at this moment are standing behind me which is a bit of a worry as we are perched atop the highest tree we can find in an attempt to get a decent connection – super fast broadband my arse – we’ve reverted to Morse code. Calm – count 1,2,3.…..okay tizzy over with, duo Ellis Island Sound has been an on and off collaborative project between State River Widening man David Sheppard and former Loft / Weather Prophets dude Pete Astor, ’intro, airborne, travelling’ out now is released ahead of forthcoming full length ’Regions’ due for counter action early April. There’s something here that calls to mind the wiring chill tipped off centred funk soul of a ‘clues’ era Robert Palmer straying throughout the vibes emitting from out of the groves, maybe it’s the frenetic dislocative charm of the track as it impatiently shuffles along to a motorik pulsar mainframe grooved upon a locked circular rhythm, whatever he case its certainly been rattling our hi-fi since veering into ear shot – vocals incidentally come courtesy of Radiohead mate John Matthias. The set comes bolstered by two gust remixes of the same track radically reworked by Fryars and Scott Fraser the former of whom applies what can only be described as a sumptuous lounge soul sophistication to proceedings which had we not known better would have hazarded a guess that it was the work of those imps the Superimposers. As to the Scott Fraser rewire, an 8 minute woozily psychotropic dubtronic smoker lies in wait in the shadows which to these ears don’t half sound like Arthur Baker in a trippy face off with Bill Laswell. Again alas no sound links – and yes we are working on it.

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