luxembourg signal

New from Shelflife who in the deepening mists of my memory I seem to recall once upon a time being on their mailing list receiving along the way oodles of dandy discs. And then – zilch. We had feared that they had ceased to be. However seems that hey are buoyant and in fine fettle possessing a bulging catalogue upon whose roster we eye with interest the inclusion of Aussie psychedelicists Flyying Colours whose band camp album / EP you might recall we mentioned in dispatches a little while back, not that the band themselves acknowledged such – ho hum. Anyway the point of all this is the announcement of a debuting 7 inch from Luxembourg Signal, a name agreed that mightn’t urge you to hang out the bunting with immediate effect until that is we tell that the ensemble are made up of members whose collective resume reads like a dreamtime indie super group to include such hallowed players as fonda, trembling blue stars and Aberdeen. Audaciously addictive from the off ’distant drive’ with its needling crystalline chime chirping riff sirens swoons, swaggers and struts to a pulse throbbing quickstep that’s primed with all manner of coolly arresting sighs with Beth’s vocals caught upon swirling dream drifts lushly dipped in the softening underpinned glaze of surrendering string symphonies. Class.

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