Third and final wax slab from Heavenly to celebrate the RSD14 shenanigans is a 5 track 1000 only 12 inch entitled ‘join the dubs’ which in essence is Toy producer Dan Carey twiddling about at the mixing desk to recalibrate five prime slices from the bands recently acclaimed ‘join the dots’ set. Previously available as an ultra limited bonus CD ‘join the dub’ is as it says on the tin lid dubbed out re-workings set to trip-a-delic mode with lead track ‘join the dots’ totally turned inside out and shot through the warping viewfinder of the Beatles ’within you without you’ and interspersed with moments of fracturing shimmer toned eruptions and vapour trailing cosmic collages. Hulking cavernous shots of dubstep trim the groove lines of ‘as we turn’ rephrasing it in dream drifting hazes of luxuriant wooziness that much recall the primitive sparseness of a youthful Danse Society while spectral pop sophistication of ‘you wont be the same’ – best thing here incidentally – in tendered with an exquisite floorshow of shyly set star crushed symphonic garlands that seductively skirt the forlorn beauty of a ‘thieves like us’ era New Order – will break hearts. Following hot on the heels in terms of affectionate glances is the wonderfully lolloping and lazy eyed smokiness of ‘left to wander’ a kind of slo mo motorik prairie ride orbiting strange worlds while hooked up to a Meek piloted cosmic carousel which to these ears had us pining for a spot of Echo boy ‘scene 30’ era grooving. ’conductor’ wraps up matters, a ‘sailing by’ for star gazers is how you’d best describe matters. Essential in a nutshell.

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