wizards tell lies and raining leaf

Literally hot off the presses from those Chapel Yard dudes a new collaboration between Raining Leaf and the as ever adored Wizards Tell Lies. At 26 and a half minutes in duration, ‘fallen’ is without doubt, not just deserving of the prefixes epic and colossal, but is the Wizards most intense, most considered, most poised and by far the grandest thing they have thus far committed to tape to date and with that should hopefully see them elevated with the kind of respect and recognition they so richly deserve. Reminded recently that its been seven years since I first encountered the Wizards courtesy of an MP3 file attachment in an email that if I recall rightly was more casual and matter of fact in a well this is what I’m doing these days rather than something expectant of a review. At that point we were hooked. Pressed as to why I find WTL so engaging I could snap back in an instant that it was down to two things primarily. Firstly like all great creative types from whatever disciplines you care to mention whether that be art, literature etc…they have created their own unique space or more precisely – world which secondly, from this (sound) world they craft aural signatures so visually adept and detailed they are almost like sonic drawings. And so to ‘fallen’ by our humbled reckoning their most realised moment to date, best experienced through headphones as it’s a slow burning hushed ‘un split into, as far as we can tell, three interlocking movements whose greeting call at the start finds it softly stirring to the bleakly beautiful shimmer tonalities that scratch and demur delicately to the simmering calm of the opening credits to ’28 days later’ as though recounting the start of a new dawn and the picking up of a journey after rest before immersing into an extended ambient flashback. Its here that themes and references from past Wizards sound stories find themselves retold, the atmospherics both chilled and disorientating are scarred by the ghostly silence of a post battle wasteland, dispirited and broken the journey continues on through the dead echoes and threatening suffocation of the stilled solemn scenery. Passing through the dark half of some mutant Jarre / Vangelis netherworld the mood stricken in an eerie lifelessness the distant sounds of invisible invaders eke out a sense of futile resigned dread. And then without hint nor warning through the choking haze salvation, a clearing, the mood lightens as flotillas of jubilant musical box carousels chime in joyful rapture like the re-assuring peel of congregations of church bells giving thanks. Up there with Godspeed, Grails and Montgomery at heir finest moments. http://www.chapelyard.com/bandcamp.com/album/fallen

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