Off! and Shepard Fairey

Someone really has been doing their homework down at Vice records by getting agit hardcore-sters Off! and pairing them up with renowned activist illustrator / graphic designer Shepard Fairey for not only a single but album to boot. The album ’wasted years’ in fact drops a fortnight earlier than the single, itself a twin pronged limited edition 7 inch scheduled for RSD14 counter frenzy. And counter frenzy it will cause for this grizzled bastard finds both parties to the act bouncing off each other ideologically speaking with Fairey’s artwork in tune with the bands message. ’learn to obey’ freefalls and rallies beneath the government baiting flag of old school blistered boogie dudes the Dead Kennedy’s and DOA, 68 seconds in length – frenetic, fast, bloodied yet unbowed – join the cause. Over and out.

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