plantagenet 3

Little over a few weeks ago we started a raging debate across the face book network, well not so much raging, more like a firecracker in a wet box, when we put forth the topic for discussion, when did the Shadows lose their cool, the resulting mass debate, okay small enquiry in the corner of a pantry below the stairs, had the musical world in conversant exchange, that’ll be three of us if I recall rightly, I mean ‘FBI’, ‘Apache’ and the drop dead exquisite ‘wonderful land’ – its always irked me that they never achieved the same cool kudos as Dale and Link. Now you might think to yourself – so why are you mentioning this again. Well aside having no life, the Shadows debate came readily to mind upon hearing the lead track to a superb twin set put out by Plantagenet 3 – a London based duo who on this occasion cosy up to a little orchestra (headed up by Pipettes Monster Bobby). ‘Canute (the irresistible surf)’ taps deep into the sonic psyche of Marvin and Co to craft out a forlorn Leone lone gun revenge end game motif, porcelain riffs rippled in a stately stillness are steeled sumptuously by the delicate sand shifting string symphonia as its arcs with shadow lined lonesome lilts between feelings of reflection and regret. Flip side ‘Godiva and Tom’ is better still coming shimmered in the kind of ITC styled 60’s TV noir spy themed mysterio mosaics that indelible bear the names Barry and Mancini upon their credits though here as though classically rephrased in a vintage retro glow by a gathering of men on shadowy planet and gnac types.

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