tales from the attic – Volume 27

Tales from the Attic
Volume XXVII

Revolutions of a 45 and 33 kind.

First of three missives in as many days…..track listing for this musing……

The moons, cosines, gulp, eastern hollows, john parry chamber orchestra, bunny and the electric horsemen, beautify junkyards, alansmithee, moon gangs, power glove, ringo deathstar, slow riot, the shine brothers, auction from the promise club, eat your robot, courtis and moore, samaris, diaphanous, delooze, gidge, girl band, earthling society, the sly and unseen, calling all astronauts

Out this coming May, a debuting release that finds Moon Gangs joining the hallowed Sexbeat family (GAPS, White Lung etc…..). in essence the solo project of Will Young – not that Will Young or at least we assume not – this EP comes pressed up on 12 inches of single sided wax housed in a screen printed sleeve amid its grooves three extended suites simply entitled ‘I’, ‘II’ and ‘III’. ‘I’ a seven minute opus imagines the galactic panoramic ambient suites of classic era Tangerine Dream. From an outer post in the distant voids of the cosmic wilderness and to the purr of ice formed shimmering orbs, a voyaging craft patrols the lonesome lifeless horizons. the prolonged quietness breaks and a static hiss buzzes into life. On the radar, scans pick up something in the distance. What was once the endless roll of penetrating nothingness slowly emerges up ahead. Colourful and twinkling, the scene is inviting. What was once glacial almost deathly is bathed in a translucent warmth haloed in something approaching the unreal. A transfixing celestial carnival consumes them as they pass beyond the great celestial barrier. In short comes on like the Tangers shape shifts into FortDax doing Jarre before blossoming into Vangelis in ‘Blade Runner‘ reprise mode under the watchful eye of Zombi. Quite awesome if you ask me, frankly we need this on our hi-fi. http://www.soundcloud.com/sex-beat-london/monn-gangs-i/

Several RSD14 happenings emerging from the Invada imprint, first of which is what sounds – judging by the sneak preview track being aired as a taster ‘power core’ – a bit of a killer slab of old school retro electro groove being put out by Australian duo Power Glove. This comes from the soundtrack to the best selling game ’far cry III (blood dragon)’ and arrives pressed up on a strictly limited 1000 only double vinyl set – neon pink wax no less sporting an eye catching gatefold sleeve and poster. ‘power core’ very much traces its roots back to those early 80’s sci-fi soundtracks – the terminator and Tron springing readily to mind, though here rephrased as though Zombi (yep them again) had set their minds to rewiring Carpenters ‘escape from new york’ and ‘assault on precinct 13’ scores. http://www.soundcloud.com/powerglove/powercore

In addition to power glove, the label will also be releasing Ringo Deathstarr’s latest mini album set, so far only available digitally in Japan though now getting a lavish 500 only yellow wax treatment. College’s ’northern council’ is serviced with a special frost clear vinyl pressing each coming replete with limited art prints – 1000 only in case you are counting. While last up Fairhorns’ ’doki doki run’ gets a 300 only snot green wax press each copy coming accompanied by a bonus digipack CD – we will try to source copies for full reviews.

This lot have been on our watch list since hearing (and mentioning in despatches) ‘cinema eyes’ towards the tail end of last year. Latest free to download digital release offering from the highly engaging Everything is Chemical imprint is a twin set from the frankly incredible electro weird school acolytes Soft Riot. Tracing a path whose reference markers are clearly cooled with an early 80’s minimalist dance mindset that hints at an affectionate admiration for all things Cabaret Voltaire ‘the garden party’ belies a mid way fuelling point that sees the worlds of the eerily impish Truth about Frank collide with the super chilled monochrome groove of Add N to X though here as though seasoned by the purring pop detail of Thomas Dolby. That said we here are more than a tad fond of the crooked hauntologist styled flip cut ’read you like an electronic book’ which comes dimpled in wonderfully frost stilled lo-fi lullaby lilts salvaged from disused ’forbidden planet’ soundtrack collages and ominously stirred in Mount Vernon Arts Lab like creeping chambertronics. http://www.eicvirtual7inch.bandcamp.com/album/eic7-no-65

Back with Cardinal Fuzz, which just for a second we’d like to extend a big thanks to Dave for sending over copies of the awesome Cult of Dom Keller album – reviewed a little later – and that frankly top of the wants list ragged barracudas single – reviewed a little earlier. Mugstar feature later though not before some fond words are passed the Shine Brothers. Sadly it appears that this one has sold out of its first press at source, which incidentally came pressed up on red wax, 500 in total (200 on the aforementioned red wax with 50 of those going to in tune record emporiums) which means hopefully you may yet still be able to bag a copy of. And bag a copy of you may well be advised to do for ‘hello grief birds! – the shine brothers’ is a bit of a dandy that first appeared on the coolest of cassette labels Burger last summer in a strictly limited 250 edition. The shine brothers feature among their ranks ex members of the black angels and the woven bones, between them there’s no doubting their obvious love of all things 60’s beat garage grooved for their slant on pop is peppered in a frazzled psychotropia that’s superbly scratched with the kind of rawness and lo-fi cradling that made releases flying out of the Estrus stable such a turntable treat. Reference wise admirers of both the 13th floor elevators and a youthful Love (see ‘creation’) will find much to admire and swoon to amid these 10 cuts as it veers from moments of shit faced wasted vibes as on the smoking cool ‘drug dogs’ (whose needling riffage we’d swear was the result of a bunk up between the flaming groovies and television) to the wayward 50’s freak-a-billy kookiness of ’white tears’ which taps directly into the heart of Lux Interior’s legendary ’purple knif’ radio broadcasts. Elsewhere ’climb the ladder’ is sumptuously stirred in coolly cut Jan and Dean / Beach Boys west coast surf-a-delic motifs replete with kooky kazoos while the strut shimmying chocolate watchband rave up that is the freakishly mooching fuzz flecked ‘silver knife’. ordinarily ’so many people’ with its button braced scowl channelling heavy on Roky albeit as though in a head to head with the Syndicate of Sound would have earned itself the coolest thing here tag where it not for the psychotic slab of darkly fracturing psychedelicised disturbia that sees the set edging to the end grooves courtesy of ’when Wendy burns’ – an absolutely must hear experience that prowls, prickles and dissipates in all manner of weird and warping wooziness to leave you in a bad trip headspin – something which by our reckoning should appeal to disciples of Psychic TV’s more unhinged and fragmented mindfucks. Essential. Nuff said.

Is this quite the most irresistible thing or what, new single ‘ghost’ by south west based trio auction from the promise club has by all accounts been picking up admiring glances by none other than Simon Raymonde courtesy of his Amazing Radio broadcasts and its not hard to see why. Fragile, ethereal and frail this ice sculptured honey shyly hovers and flutters amid a spectral nowhere land demurred by the angelic tones of vocalist Zoe and propelled by the pulsating probe by an at rest corkscrewing and spidery post rockian motif shimmered in delicate arpeggios, the tonalities sparse, unworldly and tender much like a subdued Portishead soon begin to slowly shed their outer skin and unfurl with assuring purpose and definition to assume depth, dimension and full colouring detail only to explode into a stratospheric mass of vapour trailing seduction before tapering back into the ether leaving you feeling as though you’ve just been visited upon by some celestial apparition. http://www.soundcloud.com/auctionforthepromiseclub/auction-for-the-promise-club-4

Second helping of loveliness from the cutely affectionate indie pop darlings the Cosines following in hot pursuit of their debuting ‘hey sailor boy’ platter is the addictive fuzz buzz glam strut cool ‘commuter love’ which will be the cause of fainting fits at local record emporium counters this May. Arriving via the can do no wrong criminally cool Fika recordings stable this 7 inch platter comes attached with a press release that pretty much reviews the blighter for you, name checking Goldfrapp (sultry stomp) and Blondie (pouty pomp) along the way, that said our ears do detect a few reference markers somewhat carelessly neglected, namely that this honey is acutely teased in a coda that owes much to Norman Greenbaum’s ‘spirit in the sky’ albeit as though peppered with some nifty glitter stacked T-Rex-ian gouges and then fed through a Black Box Recorder spin cycle for some seriously dark and sultry chill pop chic which all present and correct should see it doing some serious damage on the more attuned dance floors around the nation. http://www.soundcloud.com/crashingthrough/cosines-commuter-love

Another name to add to that growing list of bands that quite frankly you need to check out before you get any older are Gulp. Debut full length ’season sun’ is primed for emergence this summer with ’vast space’ being sent ahead by way of a reconnaissance sortie. Gulp is the latest project of Guto Pryce – he of super furry animals fame – here paired up with his wife Lindsey Leven for what is by our reckoning the best thing we’ve heard since the Soundcarriers debuting 7 inch all those years back. Smoothly smouldered in shimmering 60’s hazes and subtle strobes of psychedelic wooziness, the back bone of this ethereal cosmic cutie nibbles ever so deeply at Lou Reed’s ’waiting for the man’ though for all that is sumptuously threaded and framed in a blend of smoking cool twang inflections and the soft drift breeze of mind swirling Hammonds that to these ears sound not unlike a seriously uber chilled Black Angels. Factor into the equation and purring enchantingly overhead Ms Leven coos seductively eking out a softly dappled Siren-esque mantra whose sweetly harnessed mesmerist calm tenderly takes its cue from Bang Bang Machine’s Elizabeth Freeth and Curve’s Toni Haliday. http://www.soundcloud.com/everloving/gulp-vast-space-1

Adore this, you may recall us mentioning this in passing a missive or three ago – debut album is set for fond words next week sometime – anyhow here’s the video accompanying debut 7 inch from eastern hollows called ‘summer’s dead’ out via the much loved club ac30.…

Bugger me this un sounds as though its sneaked out of Bowie’s Diamond Dogs closet having found its way back into the world having been lost and forgotten for some 40 years after suffering some self imposed mind locked coma resulting from its rejection. Festooned in glitter and towering platforms ‘heart and soul’ plunges into the dark decadent epicentre of 70’s glam, Ronson riffs erupt eclipsed and haloed in pouts and purrs all marshalled by the kind of slick swaggering intent and sadistic cool as would befit an early career salvo by Be Bop Deluxe – incidentally the band in question are called the moons and this single via the schnitzel imprint comes ripped from a forthcoming ‘mindwaves’ long player due in June – devastating stuff. http://www.soundcloud.com/9pr/the-moons–heart-and-soul-1

Absolutely no information about this other to say its by the Johnny Parry Chamber Orchestra and was commissioned by Bedford Creative Arts which afforded him the opportunity to engage with local residents and form the Bedford Arts Choir with the lyrics coming from donations by way of local residents. As a result ‘an anthology of all things’ was recorded which in short is an 8 movement suite positively brimming in silken symphonies, teasing lullabies and choral chants touched quite often with the kind of regal gaiety that oft accompanied soundtracks commissioned for cinematic epics written and directed by Peter Greenaway. Alas we’ve only had a sneak peak so far, so while we busy ourselves issuing forth missives to their PR people for copies of platters we’ll just say that ‘pilgrimage’ is simply alluring stuff and much couched in the same kind of spring hued sentiment as Nyman’s beautiful score for ‘the draughtsman’s contract’ while ’a song for someone’ is lilted atop a clock working lullaby chime over which a gorgeously love noted choral exchange between male and female players sweetly arrests away. Apologies but no links as the sound cloud preview is set to private but we will do our best to remedy matters in a few days – for now direct your enquiries to http://www.facebook.com/johnnyparrychamberorchestra

Just eyed this on a facebook update giving us a welcomed heads up that new platters from the mischievously impish bearsuit imprint are imminent any day soon with this here early call for a new EP from Bunny and the Electric Horsemen lurking ominously in the near distance ready to mess with our heads. The EP entitled ‘dedy misheen’ firmly places the Bunny ones left of centre of everything for ‘one time for good time’ is best described as a post regressive flashback of sorts fractured and fragmented through a mind frazzling eye for what first appears down tempo dimpled noir graced chamber torch soon starts to splinter and evaporate in a murky psychotropic haze of damaged dub drills and out there progressive psych happenings which – and no don’t ask why – in my warped ear view I hear trace elements of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘tusk’ buried deep beneath a wiring shot of fried psychosis. We look forward to going to head to head with the finished product. http://www.soundcloud.com/bunny-3/bunny-the-electric-horsemen

On this occasion we are both ahead and behind ourselves. Those with a very vague memory may recall us mentioning and part reviewing a new extended two track opus from Messrs Courtis and Moore, a limited 200 set available via earbook recordings. It seems in error that we posted the teaser review via tales from the attic volume 25 – part 2 – erroneously omitting to fully service said text with the neglected bits now that we have in our hands a physical copy of said release. So with that in mind if its okay with you – we’ll start again…..

Been way too long since we had any Volcano the Bear related ear gear with which to concern you about but it seems that there’s been a momentary break in the silence with the appearance of a new collaborative release pairing together Aaron Moore and Alan Courtis who will together shortly be trekking across Europe touring. A follow up to 2010’s ’courtis / moore’ head off and again released though Moore’s own earbook recordings imprint, the freeform ju-ju ’KPPB’ arrives to coincide with the dates. Available as a limited 200 physical CD or digital download, the set features two lengthy workouts. Stumbling in at the near twenty minute mark ’King Pancreas’ opens the set for a slightly weirded shot of terraforming trippiness that takes the listener on an expansive sonic journey that dips in and out of consciousness wherein at given points your abstractly attracted to moments of mellowing dreamy signatures, floaty exotica wooziness, obtuse no wave noodling and freakish jazz core motifs that in truth dip in between the sound corridors separating Moondog and Tubby Hayes (are they really road drills I can hear buried deep in the mix) all interspersed by glassy ambient sequences (which in truth sound not unlike fractured mad mix tape gathering together all the Trunk records releases in one) that serve to converge at a dividing point somewhere at the 10 minute mark whereby to the trace of a trembling genteel key tread a la Yorke on one of his Autechre sojourns unfurls ghosted by the fracturing improvisation of scratched atmospherics. ‘punk butter’ on the other hand is possessed of something you’d have expected to emerge on one of those sadly missed Fat Cat split series releases from a few years ago, there’s an almost meditative sereneness evoked in its early passages, Tibetan spirituals, oriental garlands and archaic bowed instrumentations illicit a strangely absorbing almost hypnotic trance to the occasion the busying arrangements acting in sharp contrast to the second movement wherein all the atmospherics drop a notch in temperature as its glazed in an oblique stillness that imagines Herrmann diligently working off a fractured Stockhausen score summoning up the deathly mist of the ferryman’s journey across the fabled partings between the waters of the Styx and Acheron on route to the world of the dead. From therein the suite morphs again into something which beneath the dramatic portent of flat lining church keys lies, scratches and stirs from slumber something decidedly primordial and feral in nature. Quite out there and chilling if you ask me. http://www.earbookrecordings.bandcamp.com/releases

Now I’ll hold my hands up and freely admit that we haplessly forgot about this, buried as it was under a shed load of emails that we really will answer – honest – next week when we are off from 8 to 5 work hell. Contents of said email came from the hand of Michael Woodman – one time Brand Violet – best b-movie pop twang merchants you probably never heard and latterly – thumpermonkey – best prog band that the UK have reared since prog bestrode the fall out left by psychedelias fall out and splintering at the tail end of the 60’s – those wanting to question such conviction ought to check out the bands frankly jaw dropping ‘we bake our bread beneath her holy fire’ set from 2010. Anyhow missive read thus allowing for various paraphrasing ‘weird art rock band made up of members of thumper monkey and Godzilla black – channelling shudder to think, pixies, melvins – the genres hop a bit – there’s even a 3 minute pop doom track amid the EP’s grooves’. be truthful how could we resist. The band in question are called Eat your Robot, the EP just released entitled ‘that winning smile of dinner’ gathers together 7 intricate cuts that strangely enough find the collective crafting out a new species of progressive math, in a loose sense anyway, yes we can hear the Melvins to an extent (not least as evidenced on ‘not come and find me’) but what’s far more surprising and indeed engaging is that this manages to fuse together elements of Rush and Gabriel era Genesis while veering ever so close into flight path of Sound garden (’pickaxe‘ might be your first port of call in checking the similarity to the latter as it ratchets awkwardly through the gears zigzagging and shifting the melodic ground beneath your feet leaving you constantly on a back foot). If anything ‘that winning smile at dinner‘ might be best described as a pure theatre of psychosis – none more so is evidenced better than on the sets crowning glory ‘torso‘ which aside having our heads a turning provides a sub 5 minute descent into darkness wrapped creepily in the eerie slow coil of stoner sludge, whilst not threatening in all out aural assaults, there’s an unmistakable stench of something not quite right and unravelling fast at the core. No simplistic verse chorus verse framing here, rather more the melodic structures shift, lunge and collapse, one minute brooding and gouged in stoner motifs the next frantic and snarling to a beatnik blues scarring. ‘Abended’ the shortest cut of the set opens the account, a volcanic nugget navigating a precarious path that teeters on the edge of collapse, the riffs scowl and cool with a jabbing urgency that to these ears recalled a slightly ravaged and unkempt Marillion. ’chillblains’ is where your Rush-isms come into full focus, behind the locked down wall of snake winding spidery riffage a mini operetta forms wracked in seeping tension. Those doubting the bands kudos and sense of technical mischief when it comes to song craft ought to make ‘daily male’ their first stopping point, cleverly taking you forevermore up a series of cul-de-sacs and kissing it with pure Gabriel fantasia. As to the promised pop doom track – well we here are assuming this to be the parting ‘holy fallout’ – a raging feral storm warring bastard rippled in pure apocalyptic heraldry all primed and impacted with hot wired Maiden-esque motifs. Nuff said. http://www.eatyourrobot.bandcamp.com

Firm favourites around our gaff, Portugal’s premier folk psychedelicists Beautify Junkyard’s self titled debut full length platter is still the pick up tonic we turn to when things get a little heavy, a wonderfully graceful and exquisitely framed collection of lost moments from the more considered and tender quarters of pop’s vast canon that includes faithfully fragile recovers of timeless treasures from the likes of Drake, os mutantes, heron, linda perhacs and this little cherub – Donovan‘s ‘song from the naturalist‘s wife‘ here recorded live at the Junkyard studio – a surrendering as light fades eulogy to all your best days encapsulated in one breathless sub 4 minute sigh……

The aforementioned album incidentally is available via http://www.beautifyjunkyards.bandcamp.com

Latest honey from the flowers in the dustbin imprint, and when I say honey, I mean honey, is a new double A side platter from alansmithee. ‘Snooze’ be its name, something which we here are a little fond off at present not least because of the fact that it sounds so woozy, distracted and displaced as though the guitars had been recorded in a different room some distance from the vocals, anyhow sounds very Doors-esque if you ask me and smokily haloed in a haziness that I swear you can get mildly high off. Still lest we forget the Paul Haig-ish vocals and that slight though ever so pressing need to reach into your record collection to dig out old forgotten nuggets by Nectarine No 9. Over on the flip the favoured cut for us ’the almighty Alan Smithee Blues’ softly ambles away in a haze of kaleidoscopic stupor slowly fracturing and fragmenting amid a glorious teetering that sees it peeling its outer shell to reveal some seriously stoned shots of ragged psych blues groove. http://www.sondcloud.com/flowersinthedustbin/alansmithee-snooze

The memory isn’t what it used to be, but I swear the last time Mike Watts of Minutemen fame had cause to grace our hi-fi was via ridiculously limited 7 inch put out by the much missed and sadly mourned after Scotch Tapes imprint which in my minds eye I swear was pressed up on red vinyl. Now if I’m to belief things I read on the net he was also loosely connected with noise-nik abstractives Al Qaeda whose many ultra limited release where one time flavour of these pages. Anyhow I digress Mr Watt is back, there’s even promise of a specially packaged and ultra limited 200 only ’tamatebako box’ album set arriving in time for RSD14 containing the first fruits of his latest musical forays this time paired up with the Go! Team’s Sam Dook as Cuz. Those of you more than a tad intrigued as to what such a collaboration may turn out need wait no more for they’ve just started airing a specially made animated video (by Hideyuki Katsumata) to accompany the albums title track ’tamatebako’. a gorgeously dizzy and trippy cutie spayed kookily by all manner of gloopy oriental motifs which flicker and flutter with a genteel flightiness lovingly decorating your listening space in all manner of folk mystique while beaming bright in the kind of feel good radiance rarely heard around these parts outside of a Takako Minekawa release.

I can tell you now that there will be plenty of love next week when we come to review the second full length from Iceland’s Samaris now that we’ve recently caught an earful of their imminent second full length ‘Silkidrangar’ out May via One Little Indian. By way of a taster and to tease you up and quite possibly give account as to why so many are falling hopelessly beneath their enchanted spell ‘eg vildi fegin verda’ has been dispatched as a probing herald. Sounding like the work fabled mythical creatures at play in the woodland at twilight, Samaris’ seductive chill torch bewitchment tenderly touches like a defrosting Mum still shy eyed though impishly swooned in an enchanting tableau of folk motifs and dub dimpled down tempo murmurs, executed with a finite poise and a fragile elegance this sophisticated spectral symphonia draws together the invisible dots between a super chilled Massive Attack, portishead and Barry Adamson.

This is getting way beyond ridiculous now – not that we are for a second complaining – but no sooner do we post up something that’s earmarked for review love and along comes something else to knock clean off its perch in terms of affection. We are assuming the Diaphanoids are Italian, a collective of musicians and producers who between them have a resume that cites involvement with black box and luciano Pavarotti. Due out shortly on the Tirk imprint their second full length ’LSME’ promises 70’s interstellar rock, cosmic psych and motorik rhythms. We’ve had a quick listen in and have been much impressed from what we’ve heard so far – so while we issue forth begging missives for physical copies we thought we’d earmark ’you can’t shine if you don’t burn’ in order to give you a flavour of what to expect. In short a sumptuous slice of cosmicalia tripping into words more recently voyaged upon by the likes of Jay Tausig and the kosmiche heads found dimpling the grooves of fruits de mer’s acclaimed ’strange fish’ collection last year. Amid the ambient lunar tides the trace elements of tangerine dream seductively fused with embryo opine to morph briefly into Goblin-esque delirium, absolutely recommended and with that you can expect further visitations amid these pages. Alas no links for now but we did manage to source this teaser trailer.

Fancy a little something that manages to fuse the DNA fibres of Kate Bush and Fever Ray. If so then by our reckoning you ought to fall headlong and savour the pop delirium that is Delooze’s ’deathstar’ here remixed by passing admirer Portugal. The Man. Delooze for the uninitiated – like us – is a collective headed up by musical and artist Stacey DeLooze here aided and abetted by a gathering of souls whose resume cites glowing references from the likes of gnarls barley, atoms for peace and Florence and the machine. Beautifully crafted in the same porcelain spectral magicalia of Bush’s ‘the dreaming’, ’deathstar’ takes that core matrix and harvests its essences in a frost tipped choreography that’s finitely cut in a quietly panoramic ice sculptured grandeur that as much mesmerises and it does bewitches – by far the best thing we’ve heard of its ilk since Fever Ray’s astounding ’when I grow up’. an album ‘glass army’ is due to emerge soon via DeLooze music we are assuming it will be a richly rewarding listening experience. http://www.soundcloud.com/delooze/deathstar-portugal-the-man/s-PZ8su

Those with long memories may recall us falling backside over elbow for this lots quite exceptional debut platter ‘why they hide their bodies under my garage’ from last year sometime – times flashes by so fast these days – we did ask for promos – a request that fell on death ears ho hum. Seems that since then the blighters have put out a long since sold out in double quick time follow up ‘lawman’ – yep we missed that one to – buoyed by the experience they’ve now decided to release a very limited 100 only flexi disc for RSD14 counter action entitled ‘the cha cha cha’ – alas we don’t have sound links at the moment but bet your arse its good and dandy in a rupturing and edgy post everything type way. What we do have though – as though you needed reminding how coolly uncouth and feral these blighters have a tendency to be here’s ’lawman’ in short the primordial inbred that Jesus Lizard tried to drown, this bad boy just jars, chugs and festers to seep like a weeping sore, a caustic stew wherein elements of free noise, art pop, no wave and well – just pure dementia and rabid schizophrenia rub up awkwardly against each other to gouge out a stubborn and borderline fried ju-ju – damnh almost forgot to say who they are – Girl Band – gotta love them. http://www.soundcloud.com/prescription-pr/girl-band-lawman

Its rare you’ll hear me use the word zonked but I think once you’ve peeled yourself from the ceiling and been re-united with your headspace after having it frazzled, then zonked out is surely the only fitting way to describe the Earthling Society’s utterly immense head trip that is the mind twisting 15 minute cosmic skull caner ‘journey into satchidananda’. recommended by Jet Schizo – this track is currently being aired as part of the latest play list cobbled together by those dudes over at Aural Innovations, in short imagine a hazy bong sharing after hours studio shakedown soiree between Blue Cheer, green milk from the planet orange, the master musicians of bukkake and the acid mothers tripping out amid gaseous primordial vapour trails of some newly forming cosmic nowhere-ness, utterly fried and stoned out stuff – counselling may be required after initial experiences to combat post traumatic recurring flashbacks. http://www.aural-innovations.com/radio/playlist.html

Currently vibing off this at present as I suspect you, dear reader, will no doubt be doing once heard and seduced. New from gidge a duo hailing from Scandinavia, Sweden to be precise, Umea if your really asking. New platter of the full length variety about to break cover later in the year via the Atomnation imprint with this demurring darling being sent ahead to arrest. Admittedly we here have been jaws agape on hearing this, at 8 minutes in length – by our reckoning well to brief – ’you’ is your reclining dub dimpled slice of sophisticat cool, awash in sighing sultry Balearic sunsets this, in essence, two movement gem initially comes on like a woozy shyly set lazy eyed No Ceremony before unfurling to blossom into something desirably smoked in the kind of chill framed classicism that had us rooting around for our copy of KLF’s pre trance up ’last train to Transcentral’. approaching heavenly – in short exquisite.

Oh this takes us back to evenings huddled beneath blankets tuned into Peel and hearing the likes of 1919 and Killing Joke alienating the airwaves, unless I’ve had a serious bang to the head there’s something here that ought to appeal as equally to admirers of sisters of mercy as relaxed muscle whilst not to mention the fields of the nephilim, clipped in minimalist monochrome austere scratched bubbling mid 80’s styled electro ripples and wiring slash torn riffs that once gathered together ooze defiantly to some skewed decadent dystopian pre-vision whose darkening cloak claws with the kind of edginess more apparent on platters by a youthful clock DVA as though found on retreat in some early 80’s batcave hideout. Anyhow its called ‘it could have been lust and its by self styled London electro punks calling all astronauts and available as a free download here http://www.soundcloud.com/david_the_dj/calling-all-astronauts-it

Perfect for those of you who adore your sounds capes lulled and somewhat subdued sounding as though the work of ice framed hatchings slowly coming to, yawning and stretching as the solar rays engage their thawing ritual. This murmuring little sweetheart – incidentally called ’gusenitsa’ is peeled from a work in progress that will shortly emerge as an album once fully blossomed and came by our way recommended by those nice people at the Hibernate imprint. By duo the sly and unseen, the pair dimple their art craft in forgotten folk techniques and motifs utilising instruments familiar and not such as harmonium’s, mandolins, xylophones and struti boxes to intricately create mystical oriental mirages hazily ghosted in twilight auras. http://www.soundcloud.com/theslyandunseen/gusenitsa

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As ever take care of yourselves…..xx

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