whizz kid

News of a CD winging our way from a label who are fast becoming our favourite imprint for impish and weird electronica – Bearsuit records – by the frankly playfully deranged Whizz Kid entitled ‘there’s conjuring to be done’. its been a fair old while since its coming was threatened, I’m thinking 3 years or more since they last troubled our hi-fi, nice to see that in the interim period they’ve lost none of crookedness and with that ’Kid Santa’ ripped from the set by way of a teaser arrives in earshot to colour your listening space in all manner of childlike disturbia. If I didn’t know better I’d hazard a guess that it’s the by product of a moment skipped away from the re-assuring hand of mummy to create chaos, carnage and all manner of kookiness in the Fischer Price musical corner, but step back a spell and listen close and the bonkers brigade of belching horns, surreal cartoonish coos and music box mosaics extract a teasingly disarming and lolloping bandstand fantasia that sounds as though its been cobbled together in a Stanshall-ese kitchen pantry. http://www.soundcloud.com/whizz-kid-2/kid-santa

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