witching waves

I’m suspecting those dudes Bek and Graeme over at Soft Power records have one of those 3D printers and from their secret indie lair are wiring up and knocking out classic slabs of boogie like no ones business. Having already smacked us between the eyes with killer releases from Marnie, a split between the Wharves and the Rosy Crucifixion and that blinding blood of the bull 12 inch last time out – which I should here and now many thanks to the label for sending over a finished copy, it has been loved, adored and cared for – they now turn their sights and your ears to Witching Waves. Available for RSD14 this two track babe comes pressed upon an ultra limited 100 only cassette – 25 on baby /pink casing with the other 75 on blue. Only around for a year so far, the London based guitar / drums duo Emma and Mark have been attracting interest among the more in tune blogs and musical press to date having released a limited cassette debut via the suplex imprint. Release number two sees ’concrete’ and ’chain of command’ looking set to up the fever and the ante further, the former angularly wired and sounding not unlike a smoking and beaten around the edges Lee and Nancy albeit as though rephrased through the lo-fi tumble dryer of Shudder to Think and then acutely hot pressed with a sharpening strut kick backing scowling swagger. That said our preferred listening poison is the flip side ’chain of command’ where to a sparsely needling austere intro riff this babe fires up without warning or hint to lurch like the B-52’s fronting a seriously shit faced and wired up Sonic Youth into some warped and fucked up anti west coast grooving. In short you need this in your life. http://www.softpowerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/concrete-cassette-single

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