little crackd rabbits records

Well this looks very special. Many thanks to Philippe Gerber (John 3:16) for directing us towards this. A new sub print – by the name little crackd rabbits – from the same people responsible for little red rabbit records (Anna Kashfi, Lost Harbour, fuzzy lights, quiet loner and more) that aims to focus more closely on artists operating on the outsider ambient / experimental spheres of pops great sonic universe. Each unique glass mastered release arrives at quarterly intervals housed in specially designed hand printed letter press covers replete with inserts and numbered card with each accompanied by a K Craig film, there’s also a chance to sign up to an annual subscription service wherein all four releases for that particular year are sumptuously packed in a box designed by book artist Gemma Lacey. To date there have been three such projects (more precisely two with the third due in May) with PJ Philipson’s ’peaks’ next on the schedule list. A debut release no less we’ve just managed to grab an earful of ’landings at stanage edge’ which we thoroughly recommend to all those among you whose headspace is familiar and dare I say much missing of those sounds emanating from the latter 80’s New Zealand noise improv scene – here we refer of course to the likes of Dead C and Bruce Russell though admittedly this does fluently flow into the aural airspace of Roy Montgomery’s epic and brooding ’true’ set from the late 90’s for Kranky albeit flavoured in the intricate sustains of the criminally undervalued Vinni Reilly. Think we may have happened upon BLK w/ Bear at some point in our missive travels, debuting release from the label ’the final mapping of the constellations’ features amid its expansive groove lines ’eastern blind’ – a truly inspired slab of head warping sonics heavily sedated in middle eastern styled transcendental drones and sounding not unlike the passing of some ghostly stoned out mistral which to these ears recall the likes of Alphane Moon, our Glassie Azoth and Saddar Bazaar. Finally for now ARC Soundtracks turn in the hollowed disquiet of ‘the path’. a quietly majestic exercise in poise, tension and chill haloed in spectral hazes of shimmering riff timbres framed by the spine tingling groan and clamber of atmospheric growls all steeled in epic eeriness that draws the distant dots between the dusted ravaged wastelands of godspeed and the twilight terra-phonics of Wizards Tell Lies. For more information as to ordering / sound links etc go to

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