skull defekts

Like Whizz Kid – mentioned earlier – its been an age since we heard anything by the Skull Defekts – and there the similarities end. First coming to our attention way back more years than I care to remember or count via a stunning set for riot season entitled ’the black hand’ we have in recent years – I have to admit – kind of lost touch with what they are up. So you can imagine we were buoyed by a note to say they now reside on thrill jockey records having these days expanded to a quintet and will be shortly sporting new ear gear in the shape of an album ‘dances in dreams of the known unknown’ due early April. From that set ’the known unknown’ gets an early call airing, in short over four minutes of mind morphing grizzled hypno drone hooked upon a deep probing primitively snarled and ravaged bluesy locked groove that tails ever so subtly into the nepalm hazed dark psych flight path of a youthful Black Angels.

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