craig padilla

Again in May you can expect the 6th volume in Fruits de Mer’s head expanding Strange Fish series, this is the off shoot imprint / project that seeks to bring the finest from the outer worlds of strange sound, ambience and the kind of esoteric pop falling outside the usually prog / psych / kraut remits of its siblings FdM and Regal Crabomophone. Craig Padilla opened last years exhaustive 5 volume selection if I recall rightly, this time he’s been afforded the luxury of space to work an absorbing double disc odyssey. ‘Sonar’ as the title might give hint promises to be a beautifully lulled cosmic trip from which ’challenge deep’ showcased here on this FdM sampler set gives testament. A 13 minute Vangelis voyager sumptuously adorned in starry garlands and motorik murmurs all fired upon auto pilot pulsars and framed as a truly expansive and mesmerising oceanic lunar suite calibrated and teased in Tangerine Dream styled milky way mirages. Blissful.

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