flights of helios

This has been bouncing all over the turntable attracting much fond stares since arriving here, new twin set from flights of helios who I’m certain we’ve covered here before. A digital release via band camp no less featuring a new exclusive cut in the shape of ‘factory’ and a killer floor trouncing revamp of their recent debuting effort ‘crows’. ‘Factory’ may first appear something of a sore thumb, fracturing rhythms and angular time signatures all cast with a distancing nonchalance, yet scratch a little deeper beneath the surface glare and that fracturing is a stricken paranoiac anxiety driving coldly through its core pulsating to the minutiae detailing of bleak existences behind closed doors strangled in the shadows of a city at night veiled off by the content by the drawing of curtains. Edgy and intense and superbly framed in an unwavering mutant austere post punk glazed kraut rocking grind. Over on the flip ’Crows’ is superbly rephrased and re-titled into a hulking floor throbbing cosmic dub darling ’crowstep’ which veers ever so seductively in to ’in rainbows’ era Radiohead orbits likewise proving something of a listening must for those of you pining the absence of any John Brenton (landshipping / OJN) related slo-mo groove in recent times, though keep a watchful ear out for the way things go all bad tripping, wired and dislocated drum ‘n’ bassy at the 2.55 mark, very Birdpen in a face off with working for a nuclear free city I should add.

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