Having now heard this we here are kicking ourselves hard for not picking up Headspin’s lovely looking 4lp 20th anniversary box set gathering of all four of Simones’ ultra scarce purple phrogg albums. Limited to just 500 copies they by all accounts flew off the racks in the time it took most heads a chance to skin up. Equally embarrassing – for us at least – is the fact that so far – stateside psych-er Al Simone has managed to thus far escape the prying ears of our radar. Due out now in the Summer, it was originally listed on May time Fruits de Mer schedules, will be a limited pressing of Simones ’majic ship’ which if I have my facts right originally appeared on 1999’s ’balloon ride’ full length. An absolute mind wiring slab of heavy psych freak beat crystal kissed in swathes of kaleidoscopic hazes fried out by an acute bedrock of 60’s shimmered lysergic dipped wah wah’s which all said should prove a perfect record shelf accompaniment for those stray murmurs from Irma, Nick Riff and various delerium grooves from the era as well as cosying up snugly to you’re the luck of eden hall stereo stash.

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