justin wiggan guilherme miotta

Last up from this package a little something that we touched upon in an earlier missive, a collaboration between Justin Wiggan and Guilherme Miotto which just the sake of continuity when first encountered we commented thus….

Must admit I’m having curiously strange flashbacks listening to this, reminding me exactly of how I feel after thankless 1-2-1 meetings with the manager in my trying daytime work hell, I even feel the pain being administered to the wall as I kick it in frustration. Something a little different from Roadside Picnic’s Justin Wiggan – well I say different yet on the face of it when you stop and think about there are no barriers, rules or generic stylings that it would pose or be considered a no go territory given that he appears more than happy to sample, freewheel and fuse melodic sound forms from any quarter, sphere or discipline. Perhaps then add performance art through a no wave Dadaist ethnic tribalism medium might be one to add to the roll call of musical notches thus far examined. This excerpt comes pulled from a recent limited cassette release put out by French tape label La Cohu and finds Mr Wiggan pairing up with choreographer Guilherme Miotto to provide the back dropping soundtrack to a brief recital entitled ’masken’ whose remit I’m assuming centres around that of fracturing relationships, whatever the case its abrupt, abstract, angular and deeply feral in tonality and not unlike something you’d have expected to have heard crookedly making its way out of a late 70’s art house and onto a Peel play list no doubt.

Having now heard the set in full all of the above still apply, however what I will say is that this finds Wiggan in more playfully abstract moods working to a performance sound art board with ‘Masken’ delightfully invaded on occasion by the use of cut up collages of reel time field recordings giving it an almost voyeuristic feel, the moods are dislocated and ever changing, its this kind of free expression that affords the full use of sound spectrums to hand wherein one minute classicist drama, the next atonal ambience rub strangely giving it an oddly distracting sense of at once being in the middle and part of process yet the next almost detached as though observing as though an outsider looking in. less dislocated and ad hoc than its flip side sibling ‘schau’ admittedly takes a while to get going but slowly but surely soon begins to flower into a curiously lulling rhythmically enhanced treat bathed in sparse ethnic motifs playfully picked at by as were buzzing electro bee flutters and in so doing draws together the disparate radio listening congregations of Kershaw’s vivid multi disciplined world music and the much missed out there horizons as once upon a time convened over by Radio 3’s mixing it hosts Sandall and Russell, and just when you are at the point of dosing dreamily to the blighters goes off radar and suddenly erupts into a ferocious moment of skree sandblasting before reconstituting itself on cavernous celestial plateaus – did we mention Laurie Anderson – yea well there‘s moments of Laurie Anderson like loveliness freewheeling in the mix.

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