mogard wiggan fricke

In addition and included in this stash so kindly sent over by Justin – a much sought after copy of his three way collaboration with Abul Mogard and Siegmar Fricke which under the simplistic Mogard Wiggan Fricke moniker is entitled ‘lulled glaciers’. available as a limited cassette from VCO in an edition of 100 copies which I have to say arrive housed in what can only be described in a tasty looking 70’s retro design that recalls those experimental tapes issued to road test your cassette decks for sound and clarity. Within you’ll find an expansive 3 movement 60 minute cosmic suite which all said is perhaps our most favourite release from Wiggan in a long time (perhaps since that amazing Cocoons release for Static Caravan) and should equally appeal to admirers of the aforementioned Wizards Tell Lies as it does to disciples of Tangerine Dream…and something of which we commented on in an earlier missive which for ease and convenience we’ve reprinted here….

No sooner are we mourning the absence of roadside picnic ear gear when a missive arrives from Mr Wiggan informing us of the imminent arrival of a package. we ask for further clarification and are told its huge. We enquire again pressing for more details. In response a mammoth list of links relating to a wealth of releases some out, some on the horizon, some at the birthing stage hits our in box. We are considering changing plans for the week, perhaps a work sicky might be phoned in the morning, its looking likely. For now though we donned cans and submerged ourselves – mind, body and soul into the shimmering seas of a three way collaboration between Messrs Mogard, Wiggan and Fricke entitled ’lulled glaciers’. limited to 100 cassettes and released by VCO this colossal set does and provides exactly what it hints from its title. Two sparsely minimalist extended suites – well three as ’magnetic masks’ and ’obstacles of happiness’ are subsumed as one – feature here, both pretty much taking up the entire 60 minute tape space and in return for your listening devotion rewarding you with some bordering on a Tangerine Dream experience. Perfect for night time appreciation especially in the deathly grip of the witching hour and goes without saying best experienced at maximum volume, through cans of course, in order to accentuate the full widescreen headphonic experience these monolithic oceanic odysseys provide. The ice glowed sound structures, cavernously detailed are pitched in poise and sculptured tenderly into a genteel post dronal symphonies, here genuflecting aural arcs softly shimmer and turn in eclipsing formations to engage the synapses in dream dinked moments of celestial oblivion especially on ’eternal guest’ which makes up side A of this consuming set. And while ’magnetic masks’ continues the themed flow immersing ever deeper into the subterranean hinterland its ‘obstacles of happiness’ that provides the most vibrant and seemingly busy portion of the triptych, for here metered in huge swathes of sweeping oceanic tidal drifts, ghostly chorals and meditative murmurs there’s an unshakeable sense of passing through to the beyond that makes this a most eerie and yet enchanting experience.

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