roadside picnic

Not wishing to fall into the same hapless trap as the poor misfortunate hack who as legend has it received one sided copies of a Plastic Ono Band release and proceeded to review in depth the blank side to much dismay of his peers and no doubt to much the amusement of Lennon and Ono, Roadside Picnic’s ‘the idiot’ / ‘siren’ outing appears, unless I’m very much mistaken, to have fallen foul of a pressing plant omission whereby it appears to be just a blank cassette. Now knowing Wiggan’s want for not only the impish but also for unfairly putting would be listeners on a back foot and testing their mettle (and often patience) the sound of ferric hiss emanating from our speakers may well indeed be the actual tracks, I doubt it, but rest assured we have tried this cassette on various players in the unlikely premise that our sound system is playing up. Anyhow the cassette in question – (still entitled ’the idiot’ / ’siren’ is on limited resource from factotum tapes a label who it seems are very shy in the information and sound clips department – comes housed in a sleeve depicting an original oil painting by Dominique Ciancio.

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