sindre bjerga / terje paulsen / roadside picnic

Stranger still, and I’m certain we haven’t covered this previously, though given the furious work rate at which Wiggan works we wouldn’t be altogether to surprised if comment had been made of this in earlier despatches. Available via the New York based imprint Carbon records who aside proudly boasting in specializing in improv noise and weird music since 1994 are also graced by the appearance of a limited cassette by duo Milk Boy of which description alone has had us itching to hear more. That said back to Roadside Picnic for ’Jawed’ / ’flawed’ a two sided exercise in extreme experimentalism which finds Mr Wiggan in cahoots with Norway aural alchemists Sindre Bjerga and Terje Paulsen. This is not I warn you for the feint of heart and finds Wiggan and Co submerging themselves into darker territories of sonic sculpturing and frequency / noise manipulation on ‘jawed’ for what you get is a deathly doomed and desolate aural landscape of disquieting scratching eeriness, dismembered field recordings, cut up collages that sound like the butchered dips and fall outs of recordings made on a device hidden in a rucksack whilst perilously out and lost in some unsettling trick or treat dare and horror phonic white noise echoes all interspersed in the dread calm of punctuating moments of silence. Very disturbing even in the cold light of day. Over t’other side ’flawed’ does little to lighten the mood, in fact all told there’s a defined drop in the temperature, the tension within is ever more closer, closer such as you can touch both its brutal and threatening menace as it suffocates all light and hope with shards of white noise ruptures swarmed by the deathly life sucking howl of apocalyptic breath.

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