tales from the attic – volume 29

Tales from the Attic
Volume 29

Revolutions of a 45 and 33 kind….

Another quickly drilled TftAttic…as ever packed to bursting with essential grooves, next time out news on a new interview feature, also still gathering Record Store Day goodies – get in touch if your interested in getting involved likewise if keen to find out more about a cassette collage project we are currently in the ‘at the planning stage’ of doing……x

Included in this missive for your turntable delight…..

Monks kitchen, ellis island sound, jagwar ma, temples, toy, king gizzard and the lizard king, wizards tell lies, Justin wiggan, guilherme miotto, velour modular, oliver cherer, raining leaf, the revenant sea, raining leaf, moggard wiggan Fricke, sindre bjergen, terje paulsen

Do seem to recall us mentioning this in passing sometime last year, missives from Adam from the band was dispatching copies of said 7 inch for turntable love, which I’m sad to say never reached us and can only be chalked up as another in a list of far too many lost by the laughingly called postal service we know as Royal Mail. Likewise I can’t recall hearing the ensuing album ‘music from the monk’s kitchen’ which I’m gathering followed the same fate as the single. That postmen really is getting himself a corking cool collection of tunes. Anyway bit of a puzzle this one, the re-release of Monk Kitchen’s ‘shake’ originally the a side of that aforementioned 7 inch, which we reviewed fondly a little while back. it’s a cover of a lost nugget from Sam Cooke turned in as their own mainly thanks to the collective stripping it to its core and reframing it as a sun setting, campfire gathering, moonshine necking prairie spiritual replete with lolloping banjos and the kind of spectral warmth that once upon a time used to caress wax sorties engraved with Low hymnals. Over on the flip the equally adored pastorally rich tones of ’bluebird’ might just have you ransacking your record collection to re-familiarise yourself with the Go Team’s debuting platter on the much missed pickled egg imprint. Out via the ever cool wonderful sound records.

More returning loves, this time I’m not even going to bother belly aching about how long its been and how our hi-fi has suffered pining at night as another day passes by without so much of a bleep or blip. Safe to say I’m expecting a letter of explanation from their guardian forthwith and the reason better be a good one. Last time out they were on Static Caravan these days the chosen imprint is Village Green. Of course I refer to Ellis Island Sound that much you wouldn’t have guessed unless you’re a mind reader or right at this moment are standing behind me which is a bit of a worry as we are perched atop the highest tree we can find in an attempt to get a decent connection – super fast broadband my arse – we’ve reverted to Morse code. Calm – count 1,2,3.…..okay tizzy over with, duo Ellis Island Sound has been an on and off collaborative project between State River Widening man David Sheppard and former Loft / Weather Prophets dude Pete Astor, ’intro, airborne, travelling’ out now is released ahead of forthcoming full length ’Regions’ due for counter action early April. There’s something here that calls to mind the wiring chill tipped off centred funk soul of a ‘clues’ era Robert Palmer straying throughout the vibes emitting from out of the groves, maybe it’s the frenetic dislocative charm of the track as it impatiently shuffles along to a motorik pulsar mainframe grooved upon a locked circular rhythm, whatever he case its certainly been rattling our hi-fi since veering into ear shot – vocals incidentally come courtesy of Radiohead mate John Matthias. The set comes bolstered by two gust remixes of the same track radically reworked by Fryars and Scott Fraser the former of whom applies what can only be described as a sumptuous lounge soul sophistication to proceedings which had we not known better would have hazarded a guess that it was the work of those imps the Superimposers. As to the Scott Fraser rewire, an 8 minute woozily psychotropic dubtronic smoker lies in wait in the shadows which to these ears don’t half sound like Arthur Baker in a trippy face off with Bill Laswell. Again alas no sound links – and yes we are working on it.

Guaranteed to be the cause of much fevered interest this RSD14 are three specially cobbled together releases from the Heavenly imprint. Following on from last years highly sought after remix exchange between Toy and the Horrors the label have rekindled the formula this time pairing together Temples and Jagwar Ma for a 1000 only 12 inch picture disc extravaganza. First up Jagwar Ma’s Jonah Ma sets to work rewiring Temples debuting cut ’shelter song’ into a delicious dubbed up and tripping head expanding listening experience which gets craftily rephrased in Madchester mosaics and emerges the other side like a fat n’ funky subtronic cutie sounding like the Paris Angels with New Fast Automatic Daffodils flashbacks. Repaying the favour Temples’ James Bagshaw showers Jagwar Ma’s ’man I need’ in all manner of intergalactic space dust and services it with an acutely absorbing cosmically warped hymnal haloing that many visiting cosmic cadets might just decide to stay and lose their headspace in .

I want one of these and I’m prepared for fisticuffs and harsh word exchanges if I don’t get my own way. This kids, is your full on psychedelic wet dream, an all out 16 minute head fuck which you’ll do well to emerge from out of the other side with your mind and fringe intact. The second of the three planned heavenly releases to celebrate record store day arrives as a strictly limited 300 only 12 inch picture disc, upon its grooves ’head on / pill’ ripped from the third album -’float along – fill your lungs’ – by Aussie mischief makers the seven piece King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. In short this is off the radar, totally bonged out and fried to the point its all over the shop in a truly genius trip mash type way, pretty much shoving all your favourite records in a psychedelic spin dryer at the hottest setting and reconstituting a tied dyed dayglo daydream out of the resulting wax glue and then leading you by the hand to venture upon a mind warping odyssey where one minute your blissing out on dope addled sitar recitals, the next heads down flying at speeds where minds, matter and metal dissolve, there’s even ice cream van chimes buried deep in the mix and just in case we missed anything a quick roll call as to what’s here – maniac motorik montages, speed freaked hyper driven cosmic rock, laser gun riffola – just totally surreal and out there and in short the freakiest thing we’ve had the pleasure of hearing since the Pretty Things ’defecting grey’ dropped its acid fried proto punk bleached psychedelics in our ear to lay weirded out seeds of freakishness – by our reckoning ought to come with asbestos gloves.

Third and final wax slab from Heavenly to celebrate the RSD14 shenanigans is a 5 track 1000 only 12 inch entitled ‘join the dubs’ which in essence is Toy producer Dan Carey twiddling about at the mixing desk to recalibrate five prime slices from the bands recently acclaimed ‘join the dots’ set. Previously available as an ultra limited bonus CD ‘join the dub’ is as it says on the tin lid dubbed out re-workings set to trip-a-delic mode with lead track ‘join the dots’ totally turned inside out and shot through the warping viewfinder of the Beatles ’within you without you’ and interspersed with moments of fracturing shimmer toned eruptions and vapour trailing cosmic collages. Hulking cavernous shots of dubstep trim the groove lines of ‘as we turn’ rephrasing it in dream drifting hazes of luxuriant wooziness that much recall the primitive sparseness of a youthful Danse Society while spectral pop sophistication of ‘you wont be the same’ – best thing here incidentally – in tendered with an exquisite floorshow of shyly set star crushed symphonic garlands that seductively skirt the forlorn beauty of a ‘thieves like us’ era New Order – will break hearts. Following hot on the heels in terms of affectionate glances is the wonderfully lolloping and lazy eyed smokiness of ‘left to wander’ a kind of slo mo motorik prairie ride orbiting strange worlds while hooked up to a Meek piloted cosmic carousel which to these ears had us pining for a spot of Echo boy ‘scene 30’ era grooving. ’conductor’ wraps up matters, a ‘sailing by’ for star gazers is how you’d best describe matters. Essential in a nutshell.

Links to Heavenly RSD14 releases here – http://www.soundcloud.com/heavenlyrecordings/sets/heavenly-recordings-for-record-store-day

Literally hot off the presses from those Chapel Yard dudes a new collaboration between Raining Leaf and the as ever adored Wizards Tell Lies. At 26 and a half minutes in duration, ‘fallen’ is without doubt, not just deserving of the prefixes epic and colossal, but is the Wizards most intense, most considered, most poised and by far the grandest thing they have thus far committed to tape to date and with that should hopefully see them elevated with the kind of respect and recognition they so richly deserve. Reminded recently that its been seven years since I first encountered the Wizards courtesy of an MP3 file attachment in an email that if I recall rightly was more casual and matter of fact in a well this is what I’m doing these days rather than something expectant of a review. At that point we were hooked. Pressed as to why I find WTL so engaging I could snap back in an instant that it was down to two things primarily. Firstly like all great creative types from whatever disciplines you care to mention whether that be art, literature etc…they have created their own unique space or more precisely – world which secondly, from this (sound) world they craft aural signatures so visually adept and detailed they are almost like sonic drawings. And so to ‘fallen’ by our humbled reckoning their most realised moment to date, best experienced through headphones as it’s a slow burning hushed ‘un split into, as far as we can tell, three interlocking movements whose greeting call at the start finds it softly stirring to the bleakly beautiful shimmer tonalities that scratch and demur delicately to the simmering calm of the opening credits to ’28 days later’ as though recounting the start of a new dawn and the picking up of a journey after rest before immersing into an extended ambient flashback. Its here that themes and references from past Wizards sound stories find themselves retold, the atmospherics both chilled and disorientating are scarred by the ghostly silence of a post battle wasteland, dispirited and broken the journey continues on through the dead echoes and threatening suffocation of the stilled solemn scenery. Passing through the dark half of some mutant Jarre / Vangelis netherworld the mood stricken in an eerie lifelessness the distant sounds of invisible invaders eke out a sense of futile resigned dread. And then without hint nor warning through the choking haze salvation, a clearing, the mood lightens as flotillas of jubilant musical box carousels chime in joyful rapture like the re-assuring peel of congregations of church bells giving thanks. Up there with Godspeed, Grails and Montgomery at heir finest moments. http://www.chapelyard.com/bandcamp.com/album/fallen

Many thanks to Justin of Roadside Picnic infamy for sending over a hulking package of goodies, among the contents the previously reviewed Roadside Picnic face off with Maurizio Bianchi via 4iB records….see elsewhere here…along with a copy of Wizards Tell Lies Matt Bower in his alternative Revenant Sea guise going toe to toe with the Roadside Picnic for an ultra limited cassette release via Jehu and Chinaman which came in a strict pressing of just 25 copies – and which until now – provided a gaping hole in our prized WTL collection (our copy in case your taking notes is #12/25). If you are wondering what all the fuss is about – then here’s that Revenant Sea Vs. Roadside Picnic critique reprised from Tales from the Attic XVII……more Wizardy stuff appearing soon….

Mentioned this at tales from the attic volume IX way back in February and since that time we’ve been manning the post box hoping one day a copy of it would manifest, and when the postman approached our hearts would skip as little, he’d reach into his sack and hand me a letter, I’d look mournfully at it, it was usually a bill, if it was something more interesting it’d more than likely be a miss delivery intended for a neighbour. We’d harrumphed and then retire disconsolately back inside preparing the next days marshalling of the mail box. Ho hum. As said we tracked this way back in February, a collaboration between the Revenant Sea – an extra curricula off shoot of Wizards Tell Lies – and Roadside Picnic – again an extra curricula off shoot this of Dream of Tall Buildings. Entitled ‘their words are lost in the din of jets’ and appearing in a limited cassette form – just 25 – via Jehu and Chinaman. Five tracks make up this apocalyptic suite, an ideal companion for revenant sea’s self titled cassette for auditory field theory earlier this year given it appears to deal with the same kind of nightmarish dystopian threat of mankind being subjected to some outer worldly horror. The template and mood is one of suffocating despair and heightened tension, haunting and harrowing the ominously titled ‘sterilization section’ opens the billing, electroid pulsars watchfully stand on sentry duty, to the rear the unsettling disconnected din of squalling babies and human groans, the detailing of sonic sub strata’s is controlled, deliberate and calculated in its paranoiac intent. The arrival of ‘the sum of these corridors’ lightens the mood but only slightly, a brutally telling epic of end of days proportions, ever darkening passages of apocalyptic heralds eclipse the skies, to the euphoric showers of celestial sun bursts, the salvation is savage, and then there is nothing. More attuned to the grim foreboding that stirs from the shadow steeled grooves of Wizards Tell Lies, radio static, white noise interference and leviathan groans greet the dead headed wasteland that is ‘with the myriad’ from a point of cold withering silence something slowly rises from the dread attaining mass, definition and form. Which leaves both ‘in the light of the burning car’ and ‘before he could breathe a world’ to run matters out to a grim recurring nightmarish conclusion to the sound of droning insectoid clicks all embellished with the kind of skin prickling unease that behind the sofa hiding won’t cure believe you me I’ve tried. http://www.jehuandchinaman.bandcamp.com/album/their-words-are-lost-in-the-din-of-jets

In addition and included in this stash so kindly sent over by Justin – a much sought after copy of his three way collaboration with Abul Mogard and Siegmar Fricke which under the simplistic Mogard Wiggan Fricke moniker is entitled ‘lulled glaciers’. available as a limited cassette from VCO in an edition of 100 copies which I have to say arrive housed in what can only be described in a tasty looking 70’s retro design that recalls those experimental tapes issued to road test your cassette decks for sound and clarity. Within you’ll find an expansive 3 movement 60 minute cosmic suite which all said is perhaps our most favourite release from Wiggan in a long time (perhaps since that amazing Cocoons release for Static Caravan) and should equally appeal to admirers of the aforementioned Wizards Tell Lies as it does to disciples of Tangerine Dream…and something of which we commented on in an earlier missive which for ease and convenience we’ve reprinted here….

No sooner are we mourning the absence of roadside picnic ear gear when a missive arrives from Mr Wiggan informing us of the imminent arrival of a package. we ask for further clarification and are told its huge. We enquire again pressing for more details. In response a mammoth list of links relating to a wealth of releases some out, some on the horizon, some at the birthing stage hits our in box. We are considering changing plans for the week, perhaps a work sicky might be phoned in the morning, its looking likely. For now though we donned cans and submerged ourselves – mind, body and soul into the shimmering seas of a three way collaboration between Messrs Mogard, Wiggan and Fricke entitled ’lulled glaciers’. limited to 100 cassettes and released by VCO this colossal set does and provides exactly what it hints from its title. Two sparsely minimalist extended suites – well three as ’magnetic masks’ and ’obstacles of happiness’ are subsumed as one – feature here, both pretty much taking up the entire 60 minute tape space and in return for your listening devotion rewarding you with some bordering on a Tangerine Dream experience. Perfect for night time appreciation especially in the deathly grip of the witching hour and goes without saying best experienced at maximum volume, through cans of course, in order to accentuate the full widescreen headphonic experience these monolithic oceanic odysseys provide. The ice glowed sound structures, cavernously detailed are pitched in poise and sculptured tenderly into a genteel post dronal symphonies, here genuflecting aural arcs softly shimmer and turn in eclipsing formations to engage the synapses in dream dinked moments of celestial oblivion especially on ’eternal guest’ which makes up side A of this consuming set. And while ’magnetic masks’ continues the themed flow immersing ever deeper into the subterranean hinterland its ‘obstacles of happiness’ that provides the most vibrant and seemingly busy portion of the triptych, for here metered in huge swathes of sweeping oceanic tidal drifts, ghostly chorals and meditative murmurs there’s an unshakeable sense of passing through to the beyond that makes this a most eerie and yet enchanting experience. http://www.vcorecordings.bandcamp.com/album/vco-018-lulled-glaciers

Not wishing to fall into the same hapless trap as the poor misfortunate hack who as legend has it received one sided copies of a Plastic Ono Band release and proceeded to review in depth the blank side to much dismay of his peers and no doubt to much the amusement of Lennon and Ono, Roadside Picnic’s ‘the idiot’ / ‘siren’ outing appears, unless I’m very much mistaken, to have fallen foul of a pressing plant omission whereby it appears to be just a blank cassette. Now knowing Wiggan’s want for not only the impish but also for unfairly putting would be listeners on a back foot and testing their mettle (and often patience) the sound of ferric hiss emanating from our speakers may well indeed be the actual tracks, I doubt it, but rest assured we have tried this cassette on various players in the unlikely premise that our sound system is playing up. Anyhow the cassette in question – (still entitled ’the idiot’ / ’siren’ is on limited resource from factotum tapes a label who it seems are very shy in the information and sound clips department – comes housed in a sleeve depicting an original oil painting by Dominique Ciancio.

Stranger still, and I’m certain we haven’t covered this previously, though given the furious work rate at which Wiggan works we wouldn’t be altogether to surprised if comment had been made of this in earlier despatches. Available via the New York based imprint Carbon records who aside proudly boasting in specializing in improv noise and weird music since 1994 are also graced by the appearance of a limited cassette by duo Milk Boy of which description alone has had us itching to hear more. That said back to Roadside Picnic for ’Jawed’ / ’flawed’ a two sided exercise in extreme experimentalism which finds Mr Wiggan in cahoots with Norway aural alchemists Sindre Bjerga and Terje Paulsen. This is not I warn you for the feint of heart and finds Wiggan and Co submerging themselves into darker territories of sonic sculpturing and frequency / noise manipulation on ‘jawed’ for what you get is a deathly doomed and desolate aural landscape of disquieting scratching eeriness, dismembered field recordings, cut up collages that sound like the butchered dips and fall outs of recordings made on a device hidden in a rucksack whilst perilously out and lost in some unsettling trick or treat dare and horror phonic white noise echoes all interspersed in the dread calm of punctuating moments of silence. Very disturbing even in the cold light of day. Over t’other side ’flawed’ does little to lighten the mood, in fact all told there’s a defined drop in the temperature, the tension within is ever more closer, closer such as you can touch both its brutal and threatening menace as it suffocates all light and hope with shards of white noise ruptures swarmed by the deathly life sucking howl of apocalyptic breath. http://www.carbonrecords.com

Last up from this package a little something that we touched upon in an earlier missive, a collaboration between Justin Wiggan and Guilherme Miotto which just the sake of continuity when first encountered we commented thus….

Must admit I’m having curiously strange flashbacks listening to this, reminding me exactly of how I feel after thankless 1-2-1 meetings with the manager in my trying daytime work hell, I even feel the pain being administered to the wall as I kick it in frustration. Something a little different from Roadside Picnic’s Justin Wiggan – well I say different yet on the face of it when you stop and think about there are no barriers, rules or generic stylings that it would pose or be considered a no go territory given that he appears more than happy to sample, freewheel and fuse melodic sound forms from any quarter, sphere or discipline. Perhaps then add performance art through a no wave Dadaist ethnic tribalism medium might be one to add to the roll call of musical notches thus far examined. This excerpt comes pulled from a recent limited cassette release put out by French tape label La Cohu and finds Mr Wiggan pairing up with choreographer Guilherme Miotto to provide the back dropping soundtrack to a brief recital entitled ’masken’ whose remit I’m assuming centres around that of fracturing relationships, whatever the case its abrupt, abstract, angular and deeply feral in tonality and not unlike something you’d have expected to have heard crookedly making its way out of a late 70’s art house and onto a Peel play list no doubt.

Having now heard the set in full all of the above still apply, however what I will say is that this finds Wiggan in more playfully abstract moods working to a performance sound art board with ‘Masken’ delightfully invaded on occasion by the use of cut up collages of reel time field recordings giving it an almost voyeuristic feel, the moods are dislocated and ever changing, its this kind of free expression that affords the full use of sound spectrums to hand wherein one minute classicist drama, the next atonal ambience rub strangely giving it an oddly distracting sense of at once being in the middle and part of process yet the next almost detached as though observing as though an outsider looking in. less dislocated and ad hoc than its flip side sibling ‘schau’ admittedly takes a while to get going but slowly but surely soon begins to flower into a curiously lulling rhythmically enhanced treat bathed in sparse ethnic motifs playfully picked at by as were buzzing electro bee flutters and in so doing draws together the disparate radio listening congregations of Kershaw’s vivid multi disciplined world music and the much missed out there horizons as once upon a time convened over by Radio 3’s mixing it hosts Sandall and Russell, and just when you are at the point of dosing dreamily to the blighters goes off radar and suddenly erupts into a ferocious moment of skree sandblasting before reconstituting itself on cavernous celestial plateaus – did we mention Laurie Anderson – yea well there‘s moments of Laurie Anderson like loveliness freewheeling in the mix.

As so we find ourselves back as advertised in the lair of the Wizards Tell Lies to whom a massive thank you is owed with the appearance of a specially run off CD compilation by Matt gathering together all the recent WTL visitations and happenings. In truth its appearance was more an answer to a plea than anything else, we were offered WTL’s latest outing (with Raining Leaf entitled ‘Fallen’ – see above – and currently being broadcast for download by the Chapelyard imprint) as a WAV file – which in itself gives you the best possible sound density / bit rate possible – however WAV files are notoriously huge in download size and what with everyone these days (for ease, to save on items getting mysteriously lost in the mail, to cut overhead costs and providing an immediate and accessible resource) sending release promo as downloads, we here are momentarily in at odds quandary in so far as we are locked in for now to an internet provision contract that limits our monthly usage – and which at the rate and by way of the amount of downloads we get around here is pretty much at exhaust levels the first week into the calendar month. Hellfire indeed. And so arrives to our rescue this compilation – sub titled ’Fox, Owl and Hart’ (the names of three co conspirator Wizards) – replete with liner notes / track listing and from what I can gather – an original pencil drawing of the trio adorning the cover (straight in our bottom drawer were we stash pension fund we thought). it’s the same reason why thus far – as much as we’d like to – that we haven’t as yet had the luxury of entering the weird world of Wyrd Daze. A multi media resource crafted with love, thought and an appreciative understanding of outsider sound that seeks to draw together the disparate universes and disciplines of sound, art, film, literature and performance under one umbrella. This hugely informative outlet is headed up by the Ephemeral Man or as he’s better known to friends and family – Leigh Wright. We make mention of this because the first track on this CD – ‘mercury’ – originally appeared on the first Wyrd Daze EP – a watershed point in the evolutionary next stage of the Wizard sound template, refined and aglow in a darkening elegance, still finitely cut with eerie consequence though here dissected and treated with a sinister symphonic grace whose twilight utterances are blended and bloodied upon an spell crafting aural palette seeped in Barry-esque classicism and shadow played Morricone macabre. ‘the hex of ezra’ comes prized from a compilation put out by Lapin Radin from Indie Rock mag and Des Cendres a la Cave entitled ‘transmissions from the heart of darkness, part III – escape’ and arrives cradled in Aphex engineering and the brooding monochrome stain of Add N to X, this chilling and starkly stirring aural apparition creaks and stares with behind the sofa listening grimness all acutely framed in a classically disquieting retro braiding that sounds for all the world as though its been plucked from a nightmarish Skaro sound-scape. ’hey fire break / damage done, details logged’ offers something of an exclusive peek as to what’s lurking and waiting to emerge from the Wizards hideaway. Prepped to appear on an as yet unreleased charity compilation this opining bruised beauty comes ruptured and rippled in a glorious stratospheric cortege showered and scarred by haloing shards of howling sonic snow bursts whilst tripping into the aural vapour trails of a would be subdued Flying Saucer Attack and Mogwai as though on a shimmer setting, blissfully blistered all said. Also on this set tracks previously mentioned here in greater detail in previous dispatches but all well advised that you seek out without a further moments hesitation – ’throws magic’ and ’the house of alignments’ from the recent fifth EP from the Chapelyard imprint, ’Clementine’ from an essential Jehu and Chinaman compilation ’for Isabelle’ and the aforementioned ’Fallen’ collaboration with Raining Leaf available now (see above for order info) and in our humbled opinion their best moment to date.

Links and resource channels –


You may or as the case may be might not recall (in which case why) us falling over words of fondness poured forth in the direction of Oliver Cherer’s (as then forthcoming) album ‘Sir Ollife Leigh and other ghosts’ (still forthcoming as it happens – due 28/04 via second language). At the time I think we threatened to give up sleep for Lent until we got a physical copy from their press folk which I’m happy to say we now have and such a lovely packaged treat it is to from what we an make out through weary sleep deprived eyes, what do you these fold out designs, 8 panel wrap around or something with lyrics and a most beguiling pastel collage. Anyway you mightn’t readily recognise the name Oliver Cherer, once Dollboy (still is) who released several key note releases on the much loved Static Caravan imprint, here under his real name we find him in more ethereal and traditionalist lost folk settings. As equally charmed in ‘wicker man’ styled village green pagan heraldry and Elizabethan recitals as it is with mythical spirituals and wood crafted hymnals, the eleven strong ’Sir Ollife and other ghosts’ is a varied ever changing lush and tender dance of apparitions and folklore echoes from England’s proud and bloodied past. Aided and abetted by a close knit gathering of musical players from Hefner, Neotropic and Crayola Lantern, Cherer has crafted something timeless sounding that resonates deep within our ancestral psyche by way of utilising unfamiliar primitive instrumentation such as dulcimer, cimbalom, balalaika and even a restored antique reed organ (which can be heard on the opening track ‘the dead’) even to the point of avoiding his usual mode of electronica in favour of more basic analogue means such as oscillators and tape devices. As said 11 tracks feature on this deceptively enchanting set, those admiring of all things Owl Service and the rest of the gathered Hobby Horse collective as was will be beguiled by ‘Croham Hurst’ – which incidentally is loosely whereupon the albums underlying theme hangs from, a ghost song, Croham Hurst in case your unaware as was I, is an ancient wood located in Croydon owned I the 16thC by none other than the albums namesake Sir Ollife Leigh. Whilst we are talking admirers of various bands, Soft Hearted Scientist aficionados will do well to tune into ’maryon park’ (apparently the park featured in ’blow up’ – learn something everyday – at least I do and its stop getting distracted reading press notes – which usually I don‘t because I‘ve lost them). Staying with the press release a second longer, mentions are made of Robert Wyatt being a reference marker all of which becomes apparent when the sweetly alluring though ostensibly ghostly enchantment of ’asphyxiation’ weaves sleepy headed into view to a cortege of wheezing and yawning spectral string arrangements. As though drifted in upon a spectral dew draped ghost light ‘the charcoal burners’ is spirited by a bewitching carnival of fairy imps and other twilight manifestations all tooting upon a willowy and woozy wind recital which it has to be said has something of a ‘magical mystery tour’ Beatles-esque charm about its person. As previously mentioned in earlier dispatches opener ‘the dead’ inspired by a film exploring the legend and mythology of the ferryman entitled ‘death in a nut’ employs the same stilled elegant disquieting beauty of NICO’s ‘frozen warning’ as it emerges siren like from out of the primordial mist. Somewhere else there’s the tearfully hollowed ‘consider darkness’ to leave you at once humbled and redeemed as it lifts it melancholic gaze to blossom into a sweetly arresting campfire gospel not to mention the captivating regal ‘mentmore waltz’ as it skips and genuflects to a lightly flavoured aromatic pastoral posy whose memory rallies to medieval May Day festivities whilst romantically playing courtship with the odd fellows casino. Sure to attract the radio plays ‘ladybird, ladybird’ treads ever so lightly into the more delicate musical paths of Lupen Crook arriving delicately honeycombed in fading 60’s summers and loosely studded in the faintest of psych folk wafts whilst nibbling just ever so slyly at the coda to David Soul’s ‘don’t give up on us baby’ (I kid you not while those daring to ask how I know a passer by passing by heard it in passing and passed said information to me). Still all said ‘millions’ is still the one that summons our ears and heart, unmistakably cradled as though a campfire summit meeting gathering Bad Seeds and Black Heart Procession types, yet dare we forget to mention ’when we shut down’ which should you reach its parting sigh without the shedding of a tear then frankly you are inhuman. Beautiful in short.

Okay slightly confusing this one and much like the monks kitchen single featured elsewhere here, I fear a release that might have gotten lost in the pre Christmas rush given we previewed it way back in November. Delicious all the same Velour Modular are duo Guilhem and Hektagon, debut EP ‘Capsule’ due to land shortly from which the track ‘forward’ had us suitably a swooning when featured in earlier broadcasts. A quick note from their press people alerts us that the Guardian music team have been equally adoring at what they’ve heard so far and that the duo have sent ahead the teaser cut ’Esc’ on reconnaissance. A gorgeous slice of noir traced lunar torch tuneage smoked in the kind of cool sepia framed sophistication that allured Musetta’s utterly enchanting ’mice to meet you’ set from a few years back, a fact alone that ought to see you scampering fast to tune into the sound player. http://www.soundcloud.com/velourmodular/esc

Next Tales from the Attic due tomorrow and will feature bordellos, bunny men, whiz kid, hornns, electric citizen and others…..

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