Wizards Tell Lies

As so we find ourselves back as advertised in the lair of the Wizards Tell Lies to whom a massive thank you is owed with the appearance of a specially run off CD compilation by Matt gathering together all the recent WTL visitations and happenings. In truth its appearance was more an answer to a plea than anything else, we were offered WTL’s latest outing (with Raining Leaf entitled ‘Fallen’ – see above – and currently being broadcast for download by the Chapelyard imprint) as a WAV file – which in itself gives you the best possible sound density / bit rate possible – however WAV files are notoriously huge in download size and what with everyone these days (for ease, to save on items getting mysteriously lost in the mail, to cut overhead costs and providing an immediate and accessible resource) sending release promo as downloads, we here are momentarily in at odds quandary in so far as we are locked in for now to an internet provision contract that limits our monthly usage – and which at the rate and by way of the amount of downloads we get around here is pretty much at exhaust levels the first week into the calendar month. Hellfire indeed. And so arrives to our rescue this compilation – sub titled ’Fox, Owl and Hart’ (the names of three co conspirator Wizards) – replete with liner notes / track listing and from what I can gather – an original pencil drawing of the trio adorning the cover (straight in our bottom drawer were we stash pension fund we thought). it’s the same reason why thus far – as much as we’d like to – that we haven’t as yet had the luxury of entering the weird world of Wyrd Daze. A multi media resource crafted with love, thought and an appreciative understanding of outsider sound that seeks to draw together the disparate universes and disciplines of sound, art, film, literature and performance under one umbrella. This hugely informative outlet is headed up by the Ephemeral Man or as he’s better known to friends and family – Leigh Wright. We make mention of this because the first track on this CD – ‘mercury’ – originally appeared on the first Wyrd Daze EP – a watershed point in the evolutionary next stage of the Wizard sound template, refined and aglow in a darkening elegance, still finitely cut with eerie consequence though here dissected and treated with a sinister symphonic grace whose twilight utterances are blended and bloodied upon an spell crafting aural palette seeped in Barry-esque classicism and shadow played Morricone macabre. ‘the hex of ezra’ comes prized from a compilation put out by Lapin Radin from Indie Rock mag and Des Cendres a la Cave entitled ‘transmissions from the heart of darkness, part III – escape’ and arrives cradled in Aphex engineering and the brooding monochrome stain of Add N to X, this chilling and starkly stirring aural apparition creaks and stares with behind the sofa listening grimness all acutely framed in a classically disquieting retro braiding that sounds for all the world as though its been plucked from a nightmarish Skaro sound-scape. ’hey fire break / damage done, details logged’ offers something of an exclusive peek as to what’s lurking and waiting to emerge from the Wizards hideaway. Prepped to appear on an as yet unreleased charity compilation this opining bruised beauty comes ruptured and rippled in a glorious stratospheric cortege showered and scarred by haloing shards of howling sonic snow bursts whilst tripping into the aural vapour trails of a would be subdued Flying Saucer Attack and Mogwai as though on a shimmer setting, blissfully blistered all said. Also on this set tracks previously mentioned here in greater detail in previous dispatches but all well advised that you seek out without a further moments hesitation – ’throws magic’ and ’the house of alignments’ from the recent fifth EP from the Chapelyard imprint, ’Clementine’ from an essential Jehu and Chinaman compilation ’for Isabelle’ and the aforementioned ’Fallen’ collaboration with Raining Leaf available now (see above for order info) and in our humbled opinion their best moment to date.

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