de lux

I swear that if I read one more press release today that name checks Talking Heads without having the attached track actually sounding the remotest like Byrne and Co then I’m packing my ear syringe into a holdall and hot footing along to those various press people to jet wash their lug holes. This though does I’ll grant sound like the ’Heads and as it happens is also the best thing we’ve heard today – though we’ll admit there’s a few constellation tatsu release ready to be fired up and a horrors album to swoon over that might have something to say about that. Latest thang from De Lux ’it all works all the time’ comes prized from the duo’s imminent ’voyage’ full length debut via innovative leisure. A tale about skippy – a drug dealing womanising gangster cat who ends up paying the ultimate price on death row – none of that lovey dovey boy meets girl goof then, I’m happy to hear. Anyhow the track is so stone cold Byrne that once in ear space I wouldn’t be too surprised to find the former Heads headsman raise an eyebrow in concern thinking his voice had been moonlighting back to an era hankering for the sounds of ‘this must be the place’. add in a smidgeon of deliciously frisky white funk boog-a-loo and take the blighter for a evening out at Studio 54 and you have something desirably attractive with which to cut shapes around the hi-fi to.

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