Totally zonked out uber medicated groove from the much loved Lumerians who once upon a time were bestowed the hallowed and rarely traded single of the missive via our sister musings singled out via losing today many years ago for a frankly mind blowing space tripping debut 12 inch. Then things went quiet, we re-acquainted ourselves accidentally when stumbling over a video backtracking ’smokie and the lady chronus’ itself prized from their ’high frontier’ set whilst simultaneously discovering the blighters had been beavering away releasing albums aplenty like no ones business all of which to much heartbreak and grumbling disappointment had passed us by. Now seems these psych dream weaving are shortly to you’re the UK which – we’ve been told – if we advertise the fact then we’ll be lavished upon with a jaw dropping sound clip teaser of their forthcoming 12 inch for Cardinal Fuzz which by all accounts clocks in as a formidable 38 minute headtrip. So here goes – dates are as follows – 7/4 falmouth, 8/4 Cardiff, 9/4 Liverpool, 10 Manchester, 11 Glasgow, 12 London and the off to the road burn festival in Tilburg, Netherlands on 13/4 – so with that done – over to you Dave for those promised sound clips that said for now how about this mind warping sub 9 minute dub dinked psychedelic smoking jacket entitled ‘murder dubs’ which with its lushly coiled spacey textures and zoned out sub-tronic funkiness gets to veering into star quadrants once upon a time occupied by the much missed they came from the stars I saw them.

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