Eno + Hyde

Word of warning this is quite a curious thing that finds itself being sent out to do the necessary early warning alerts. Prized from a forthcoming collaborative set being put out by Warp entitled ‘someday world’ – a digital copy of which will be receiving closer inspection this weekend – that sees the pairing of Brian Eno and underworlds Karl Hyde, ‘the satellites’ comes bathed in the kind of pop couched immediacy that aside putting long time Eno admirers on the back foot with its overt melodic astuteness might just appeal first port of call to those more often than not swooned to the sounds of a young Swimmer One though more pertinently to the grooving of dark captain light captain. Shaded in subtle electro drive retro 80’s pulsar pop motifs all framed by insistent brass fanfares whose hooks manifest to pretty much echo that of those found on the lightning seeds ’pure’ – I kid ye not – albeit here distressed in tearfully hollowed and bitter sweet reflection all swathed in mesmeric murmurs and all manner of lunar lilts – file next to your prized platters by Satellites.

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