jim kroft

Much to our own embarrassment we’ve somehow managed to neglect this thus far. Much like the previously mentioned Owls of the Swamp teaser, this to comes similarly couched in a forlorn gracefulness and provides the latest sneak preview from Jim Kroft’s imminent ‘lunatic lullabies’ full length – which I‘m suspecting we really need to get hearing before we get any older. Sharply contrasting his last visit to these pages courtesy of ‘I hope you know‘, ‘threads‘ is stressed in a hollowing bruised beauty, a love note to a fading memory of a lost love stirred in a richly tender spectral symphonic hush drizzled in aching arcs that tearfully tremble with a scarring intimacy that mid way through erupts into a gloriously radiant and intensely crushing snow storm haloed in stratospheric sighs and pulse racing electro beats from which the emergence out of will leave all tear stained and humbled in the wake of its hurt.

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