shonen knife

New album ‘overdrive’ imminent, UK tour imminent, can life really get any better, perhaps a taster single maybe – sorted. Adored around these parts for as long as we care to admit, Shonen Knife return to taste making turntables with the aforementioned album slated for record counter fisticuffs and swoons aplenty next week or thereabouts though not before the unveiling of ’bad luck song’ as a teaser tasting single. A four minute pop party pack acutely wired in their now recognisable trademark Ramones meets the Shaggs shelling though here sumptuously dipped in all manner of bubble grooved cuteness braided in subtle glam tonalities and kissed with a snarling riff coda that borrows from the Pistols ’silly thing’ which as you all know was itself sneaked off the back of a lorry housing discarded three chord trimmings belonging to the Small Faces and the Kinks……

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