geist and the sacred ensemble

Described as crafted doom inflected folk ritualism there was no way we were going to pass up an opportunity to give a brief mention to Seattle’s Geist and the Sacred Ensemble. Limited to just 150 cassette copies their current ‘beyond this vessel’ is a brooding sun scorched arid dry 4 track epic soldered down and heavily weighted in a howling sonic atmosphere that recalls the dark opining beauty that oozed through the groove lines of black heart procession’s ‘3’ set not least on the 9 minute centrepiece ‘seeker’ which in short is the sound of Neil Young and the classic Crazy Horse gathering in a seriously dark place, moored upon the minimalist croon of a deathly psych folk mirage where elements of a fractured blues howl more associated with Gallon Drunk shimmers with distressing primal intent to the spectral ghostliness of the Virgin Passages. Stunning in short.

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