igores tamborista

New from the Kalma imprint a rather superb sounding three track EP from Russia’s Igores Tamborista. Entitled ‘afterglow’ it marks his second outing via the label following on from last years acclaimed ‘nostalgia’ set. Opening with some darkly absorbing space grooved cosmic kraut dub on the eerily brooding cinema-scoping chamber droned ‘superman’ which sounds to our ears like something emerging from the dark side of Add N to X. What first appears to sound like a cosmic tropicalia veering headstrong with noir engineering into environs once chartered by the adored Tank it soon slips its shackles and mooring to morph into a sublime starlit floorshow sumptuously housed in a hyper driven technoid chassis engaged upon a trajectory occasioned by the kind of lights dimmed suave sophisticat shimmer toned grooving that used to fly out of sound houses such as smallfish and rednetic. All said our favourite moment of the set is the parting ‘filling up ninja (dubfucker version)’ a glorious airy and shadow lined slab of spy theme dubtronic noir coded in a darkly cinematic prowling purr much reminiscent of an old school Gnac rephrasing the dark psyche of John Barry. http://www.soundcloud.com/kalmarecords/sets/igores-tamborista-afterglow-ep

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