Tales from the Attic – Volume 30

Tales from the Attic
Volume XXX

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind…..

This missive features sounds from….

Hornss, electric citizen, Plantagenet 3, de looze, kramies, johnny parry chamber orchestra, off, shepard fairey, lumerians, witching waves, radkey, connect_icut, little crack’d rabbits, pj philipson, arc soundtracks, blk w/ bear, malka spigel, Benjamin schoos and laminitis sadier, shonen knfe, can can heads, auction for the promise club, martyna wren, rasplyn, laughing eye weeping eye, kinetic shapes, de lux
Fancy some shit faced ravaged stoner cool. Then prepare for flipped wigs and getting down low and nasty with the Hornss. Out soon via the criminally cool Easy Rider imprint who at present are sporting a formidable release roster that includes outings for Monolord, Salem’s Pot and Wind hand – all of whom are primed for love and attention very soon, their debuting platter ’no blood no sympathy’ promises big bearded bonged up grizzled grooves aplenty. From that set those dudes over at the obelisk are previewing ’heir to the pickle throne’ – a killer slab of fuzzed out Sabbathian flashbacks, bastardised and thickly choked in a jarring swamp dragged hardcore underpin that aside sounding as though its emerged from a primordial pit might well prove to be ear candy for those admiring of platters stumbling in to the bright light from out of the rise above dungeon – namely cathedral and witchcraft. http://www.theobelisk.net/obelisk/2014/03/12/hornss-no-blood-no-sympathy-track-stream

Staying with easy rider just a while longer, latest signatures to the imprint are Cincinnati heavy psych lords Electric Citizen of whom the label describe as assuming a kinship with the likes of Uncle Acid, Kadavar and Blood Ceremony and who after having their ears cleanly taken off at the roots on hearing the bands demo cuts via band camp jabbed hot needles in their wrists to obtain their contractual autographs in blood. ’Sateen’ is primed for record store love this July with – what assume is a taster from the set – ’burning in hell’ being aired as taster as to what to expect which to these ears sounds like a prime slice of strut addled uber cooled hard psych blues ju-ju that’s been hot wired and electro shocked out of its 60’s fallout comatose state, a colossal shakedown of feral Curved Air and Jefferson Airplane types doing bad, bad things to discarded Zeppelin-esque boogies. http://www.soundcloud.com/easyriderrecords/burning-in-hell

Little over a few weeks ago we started a raging debate across the face book network, well not so much raging, more like a firecracker in a wet box, when we put forth the topic for discussion, when did the Shadows lose their cool, the resulting mass debate, okay small enquiry in the corner of a pantry below the stairs, had the musical world in conversant exchange, that’ll be three of us if I recall rightly, I mean ‘FBI’, ‘Apache’ and the drop dead exquisite ‘wonderful land’ – its always irked me that they never achieved the same cool kudos as Dale and Link. Now you might think to yourself – so why are you mentioning this again. Well aside having no life, the Shadows debate came readily to mind upon hearing the lead track to a superb twin set put out by Plantagenet 3 – a London based duo who on this occasion cosy up to a little orchestra (headed up by Pipettes Monster Bobby). ‘Canute (the irresistible surf)’ taps deep into the sonic psyche of Marvin and Co to craft out a forlorn Leone lone gun revenge end game motif, porcelain riffs rippled in a stately stillness are steeled sumptuously by the delicate sand shifting string symphonia as its arcs with shadow lined lonesome lilts between feelings of reflection and regret. Flip side ‘Godiva and Tom’ is better still coming shimmered in the kind of ITC styled 60’s TV noir spy themed mysterio mosaics that indelible bear the names Barry and Mancini upon their credits though here as though classically rephrased in a vintage retro glow by a gathering of men on shadowy planet and gnac types. http://www.soundcloud.com/plantagenet3/sets/the-dark-ages

Mentioned this one last missive out, ‘glass army’ her current forthcoming album is prepped for adoration shortly, for now here’s the video for DeLooze’s captivating ‘deathstar’ single which we thoroughly recommend you seek out at your stop off at a local record emporium especially if the promise of ‘the dreaming’ era Kate Bush and Fever Ray entwined in a tempestuous dark folk magicalia floats your listening boat.

Be honest, doesn’t this just stop you dead in your tracks frozen by the deep shiver running down your spine and with the delicate forming of a tear that threatens to escape the corner of your eye, utterly beautiful. New video from the Kramies for the track ‘clocks were all broken’ which comes peeled from their current EP ‘Wooden heart’ out via Hidden Shoal – also features Jason Lytle not that you need any further prods.

In short. Divine. I refer of course to ‘an anthology of all things’ the latest release from the Johnny Parry Chamber Orchestra which I must admit over the course of the last few days has been vying for affection on our hi-fi with Oliver Cherer’s ‘Sir Ollife Leigh and other ghosts’ (mentioned about in these pages elsewhere). I’ll admit the thought of chorals, choirs, sopranos, chamber orchestras and commissions from Bedford Community Arts might have some of you wilting and furthermore on first sight may well appear to be something we’d ordinarily rush across the street to avoid. But. Lets put this into perspective from a pop point of view. In terms of reference markers, admirers of the North Sea Radio Orchestra ought to find familiar ground here. Agreed this does shift into the Radio 3 classical spectrum. But its savvy with it. There’s a pop sensibility here to which end if pop was indeed mapped out like the ancestral family trees crafted by Pete Frame then several root branches along you’d encounter those Polyphonic and Circulus chaps. Extend your radar a little further a both the polar worlds of Dead Can Dance and Vernon Elliott would be distantly drawn in. so with those markers firmly nailed down, the album then. Out via lost toys early May, ‘an anthology of all things’ is a richly rewarding listening experience, an incredible achievement of such complexity and planning. With a commission from Bedford Creative Arts to create what might be best described as ‘a historical map set to music’, Mr Parry and his entourage returned to his Bedford homeland and set about enlisting the help of a 61 strong choir whilst putting out a call to the local residents to submit lyrical ideas. And so from these ideas, memories, things cherished and notes a colourful patchwork of life in the Saxon town both past (the bombastic dark to light flurries of ‘childhood heroes’) and present was delicately sewn together to include on one hand a simplistic ode based on the dedications found on various park benches whilst on the other preserving traumatic memories of a life lived in 1942 under the fiery skies of enemy bombers and threadbare provisions at local convenience stores. As to the music, divided up into eight unique movements that are all at once sweeping from the epic and euphoric to the mournful and tender, the arrangements dimpled in silken symphonies, teasing lullabies (the sepia steeled sigh of the floral ‘1942’) and choral chants which from the soft allure of the quietly spellbinding and softly hymnal ’things I like about myself’ to the regally epic Nyman-esque daubed Greenaway pageantry of the parting ’pilgrimage’ (incidentally the best thing here – your point of reference being ‘the draughtsman‘s contract’ and Douglas Gamley) never cease to entrance an seduce. ‘song for someone’ as previously reported is demurringly set upon a teasing clockwork motifs all disarmed by a gorgeous male / female choral conversation while the porcelain monastic etching of ‘enduring memories from a film’ is soured in such bitter sweet slow waltz timed beauty as to leave you humbled, tearful and touched.

News of a CD winging our way from a label who are fast becoming our favourite imprint for impish and weird electronica – Bearsuit records – by the frankly playfully deranged Whizz Kid entitled ‘there’s conjuring to be done’. its been a fair old while since its coming was threatened, I’m thinking 3 years or more since they last troubled our hi-fi, nice to see that in the interim period they’ve lost none of crookedness and with that ’Kid Santa’ ripped from the set by way of a teaser arrives in earshot to colour your listening space in all manner of childlike disturbia. If I didn’t know better I’d hazard a guess that it’s the by product of a moment skipped away from the re-assuring hand of mummy to create chaos, carnage and all manner of kookiness in the Fischer Price musical corner, but step back a spell and listen close and the bonkers brigade of belching horns, surreal cartoonish coos and music box mosaics extract a teasingly disarming and lolloping bandstand fantasia that sounds as though its been cobbled together in a Stanshall-ese kitchen pantry. http://www.soundcloud.com/whizz-kid-2/kid-santa

Someone really has been doing their homework down at Vice records by getting agit hardcore-sters Off! and pairing them up with renowned activist illustrator / graphic designer Shepard Fairey for not only a single but album to boot. The album ’wasted years’ in fact drops a fortnight earlier than the single, itself a twin pronged limited edition 7 inch scheduled for RSD14 counter frenzy. And counter frenzy it will cause for this grizzled bastard finds both parties to the act bouncing off each other ideologically speaking with Fairey’s artwork in tune with the bands message. ’learn to obey’ freefalls and rallies beneath the government baiting flag of old school blistered boogie dudes the Dead Kennedy’s and DOA, 68 seconds in length – frenetic, fast, bloodied yet unbowed – join the cause. Over and out. http://www.soundcloud.com/vicerecords-1/off-learn-to-obey

I’m suspecting those dudes Bek and Graeme over at Soft Power records have one of those 3D printers and from their secret indie lair are wiring up and knocking out classic slabs of boogie like no ones business. Having already smacked us between the eyes with killer releases from Marnie, a split between the Wharves and the Rosy Crucifixion and that blinding blood of the bull 12 inch last time out – which I should here and now many thanks to the label for sending over a finished copy, it has been loved, adored and cared for – they now turn their sights and your ears to Witching Waves. Available for RSD14 this two track babe comes pressed upon an ultra limited 100 only cassette – 25 on baby /pink casing with the other 75 on blue. Only around for a year so far, the London based guitar / drums duo Emma and Mark have been attracting interest among the more in tune blogs and musical press to date having released a limited cassette debut via the suplex imprint. Release number two sees ’concrete’ and ’chain of command’ looking set to up the fever and the ante further, the former angularly wired and sounding not unlike a smoking and beaten around the edges Lee and Nancy albeit as though rephrased through the lo-fi tumble dryer of Shudder to Think and then acutely hot pressed with a sharpening strut kick backing scowling swagger. That said our preferred listening poison is the flip side ’chain of command’ where to a sparsely needling austere intro riff this babe fires up without warning or hint to lurch like the B-52’s fronting a seriously shit faced and wired up Sonic Youth into some warped and fucked up anti west coast grooving. In short you need this in your life. http://www.softpowerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/concrete-cassette-single

You might – if you keep a careful eye on these missives – recall us being a tad taken by connect_icut’s last outing around Christmas time on Aagoo’s more ambient minded sub imprint the rev laboratories series, a beautifully amorphous thing comprised of six suites which if I remember rightly we described in a nutshell as ‘a modern day harmony of the spheres’. that ‘crows and kittiwakes wheel and come again’ never made our end of year selections was purely the curse of timing and nothing to do with the craftsmanship lilting within. And so to the arrival of ‘small town by the sea’ here given the full Aagoo label treatment. Little more than four months ago since its siblings appearance, is this a rushed affair we feared after all connect_icut has in the past had something of a want for punctuating recorded outings with silences of up three years. We prized CD from its card envelope and onto the player and waited, more so hoped we were wrong. If anything ’small town by the sea’ is in terms of adoration twice the former. As previously this set comes divided up into 6 delicate suites, more playful this time of asking (such as ‘tennis players’ as it tripwires kookily into the orbital space of Cornelius‘ sonic playground) and to boot more considered whilst similarly adopting the same technique of sonic shape shifting though here set to a more panoramic and immersive setting. As the press release rightly makes note, ‘small town by the sea’ is highly accessible, employing beats, field recordings and a heavy use of intricately layered rhythms these suites are succulently dipped in a myriad of tropicalia motifs, the effects fluid and interchangeable (such as the twinkling sleepy headed and luxuriant lunar lullaby ‘bathroom mirror (smash patriarchy)’), the textures more clearly defined allure the listener in both seduction and entrancement whilst simultaneously proving perfect for lights lowered after dark experiences. Reference wise, 808 state and a youthful future sound of London readily spring to mind or those lengthy workouts that used to appear on the flip sides of Orb 12’s, however that said its to Banco de Gaia where the author nods, the subtle dubbed out trims, the tribal and spectral cosmic beats and the hypno groove sensibilities throughout serve as irrefutable proof (non more so is this the case than on the opening ‘bird internet‘ wherein the ethnic mosaics are shimmer toned in subtle doses of hallucinogenia to give it a deep trance like trip-a-delic aura). All said best moment comes with the parting ’cat town’ which in short is a divinely demurred bliss kissed celestial carousel whirring through the distant outer posts of the cosmos piloted by Sonic Boom and powered by Eat Lights Become Lights kraut-ian vapour trails. The album will, when released, appear in two separate variations – the CD and download will get the original unadulterated mix while for vinyl heads there will be a special 2 disc set cut at 45rpm featuring a more expansive headphonic experience.

Arse kicking boogie stamped onto a nine track cassette limited to just 500 copies by Radkey is set to cause bloodied noses not to mention the sight of record buying cognoscenti being propelled backside over elbow clean off their listening perches at the full throttle attack of this riff scorched punked out noise nik this coming RSD14. Hotly tipped, hotly wired, just freakin hot. So chuffed at headlining the legendary 100 club earlier this month they recorded the set for posterity and now just wanna spread the love by nailing it onto ferric tape. From that here’s a sneak peek at what all the fuss is about courtesy of ’red letter’ – a blistering super charged slab of caned out rock-a-hula spiked with the kind of urgency and eye poking electricity rarely heard around these here parts since the days of the Godfathers and the Sid Presley Experience – did we mention the Vanian-esque vocals, no, features Vanian-esque vocals which young folk isn’t a communicable disease.

Well this looks very special. Many thanks to Philippe Gerber (John 3:16) for directing us towards this. A new sub print – by the name little crackd rabbits – from the same people responsible for little red rabbit records (Anna Kashfi, Lost Harbour, fuzzy lights, quiet loner and more) that aims to focus more closely on artists operating on the outsider ambient / experimental spheres of pops great sonic universe. Each unique glass mastered release arrives at quarterly intervals housed in specially designed hand printed letter press covers replete with inserts and numbered card with each accompanied by a K Craig film, there’s also a chance to sign up to an annual subscription service wherein all four releases for that particular year are sumptuously packed in a box designed by book artist Gemma Lacey. To date there have been three such projects (more precisely two with the third due in May) with PJ Philipson’s ’peaks’ next on the schedule list. A debut release no less we’ve just managed to grab an earful of ’landings at stanage edge’ which we thoroughly recommend to all those among you whose headspace is familiar and dare I say much missing of those sounds emanating from the latter 80’s New Zealand noise improv scene – here we refer of course to the likes of Dead C and Bruce Russell though admittedly this does fluently flow into the aural airspace of Roy Montgomery’s epic and brooding ’true’ set from the late 90’s for Kranky albeit flavoured in the intricate sustains of the criminally undervalued Vinni Reilly. Think we may have happened upon BLK w/ Bear at some point in our missive travels, debuting release from the label ’the final mapping of the constellations’ features amid its expansive groove lines ’eastern blind’ – a truly inspired slab of head warping sonics heavily sedated in middle eastern styled transcendental drones and sounding not unlike the passing of some ghostly stoned out mistral which to these ears recall the likes of Alphane Moon, our Glassie Azoth and Saddar Bazaar. Finally for now ARC Soundtracks turn in the hollowed disquiet of ‘the path’. a quietly majestic exercise in poise, tension and chill haloed in spectral hazes of shimmering riff timbres framed by the spine tingling groan and clamber of atmospheric growls all steeled in epic eeriness that draws the distant dots between the dusted ravaged wastelands of godspeed and the twilight terra-phonics of Wizards Tell Lies. For more information as to ordering / sound links etc go to http://www.littlecrackdrabbit.co.uk

Something else that’s come along and barged its way into the track listing queue mainly for the fact that its totally off its chops is the second album from Finnish loons Can Can Heads. This lot hailing from Bothnia describe themselves as a ‘no wave / skronk’ combo doing ‘Ramones meets Albert Ayler’ groove. And with that we were tempted to leave it be mainly for the fact that they’d pretty much described themselves in a nutshell. But curiosity is a fickle and mischievous mistress, whispering in our ear, urging us to put in our tuppence worth. Now this lot number 5 in the ranks, they been around since 1993 apparently with ’butter life’ being their second album to date following 1999’s debuting ’headcracking lifestyles’ set. Work shy fops was our first thought quickly followed by where the hell is my copy of that killer ’inside ov a butchers shop’ CD from many years ago (prime example here being the fractured psych outpouring on ‘piece movement / moose pavement’) but I kid you not this is the most mental, deranged and controlled chaos we’ve had – I was going to say pleasure – but that’s stretching the description – experience is more appropriate albeit as though wired up to the household mains and shock treated out of apathy. Where do we begin, easier to give you an idea of reference markers – this heat, henry cow or more specifically the members of henry cow when they all went their separate ways to tinker on various solo and collaborative projects, volcano the bear, the fall (which if your scratching your head puzzled as you read this whilst listening to said fried stew may we direct you forthwith and speedily to ’too numb to step’), pretty much everything put out by the adored foolproof projects imprint (‘guilty bystander’ being the chief culprit – the latest from those FP dudes incidentally appearing shortly here) and APATT – and even that long list of art gouged aural absurdists doesn‘t fully cover it. The set – incidentally titled ‘butter life’ – is being put out by a tri-party gathering of labels – karkia mistika, verdura and bottom of the page by way of whom it arrives as a strictly limited 300 only wax bastard – a copy of which I want as I’m sure you will to. 19 tracks shoehorned herein, pretty much every note a blistered anti pop statement that fuses, twists and mutates vaguely familiar musical disciplines (post punk briefly appears on the chilling discordance of ‘the pee party’ whilst those preferring matters a little more shambling will insanely adore the Stump-ed like ‘in the middle of inheriting‘ – and while we are here how about spazzed out hardcore with ‘the hour of your annihilation‘ proving to be very Atari Teenage Riot) and mischievously spews them out in what might be best described as a sonic car crash so that you get on one hand you get the stabbing feral art pop agit pop of ‘anti locomotive’ going toe to toe with the frazzled and fried no jazz squall of the Ayler-ised cranium pummelling ‘breakdiscodance’ which in truth admirers of hey colossus might do well to check by and tune into. Matters draw to a close with what I suppose passes as the albums centrepiece – clocking in at a stonking 5 minutes plus – epic territories for these sub two minute artisans I can tell you – a kind of deathless disco Dadaist dub work out that has 23 Skidoo all over it albeit as though backed by the classic ‘slates’ era Fall players sneaking in a little extra curricula activities behind their leaders back while Smithy shuffles outside for a quick fag. Annoyingly annoying. Perfect. http://www.cancanheads.bandcamp.com/album/butter-life

Absolutely gorgeous this, mentioned with to much adoration a missive or so ago – this is the video that accompanies Auction from the Promise Club’s utterly divine ‘ghosts’…

This is being touted as Julie London meets Dusty Springfield and do you know I can loosely see what they mean, it has got that self same wind blown and simplistic timeless tuneage piped in 60’s easy listening loveliness that on its appearance peering out of a radio system first thing in the morning you imagine being back dropped by colourful rainbows and a parade of chirping Robins congregating on your kitchen windowsill. Admittedly not the kind of musical fayre that we’d generally feature here but there’s something rather fetching and distracting in its almost head in the clouds dizziness and skipping through April showers effervescence that had us here imagining a flowery glad ragged Judie Tzuke fronting up the Heartstrings as they played their way through a lost Bacharach and David hymn book. Before I forget – its by Martyna Wren and the song is called ‘Al Capone’s girl’ beyond that you are on your own…..

Something else well worth checking out is the first in a monthly series of broadcasts hosted by Lykanthea and aired by Radio 1 Chicago. ‘kinetic shapes’ seeks to reach out and pick at the rich seam of artistic talent currently to be found on the Chicago scene. This debuting hour long show finds the classically trained worlds of Carolyn O’Neill – better known to observers of these pages as Rasplyn invited into the studio along with ambient folk alchemists Laughing Eye Weeping Eye, a duo drawing the collective talent of Rebecca Schoenecker and Patrick Holbrook who aside crafting hypnotic slices of pagan ambient folk also run the hairy spider legs imprint. The remit is easy though just slightly different – play records and chat – except the chat finds both invited parties set the task of interviewing each other in a gamekeeper turned poacher type way. Of course Rasplyn needs no introduction here, her debuting solo album due for Summer release is I must admit one of the most eagerly awaited sets of the year that already been previewed by the recent ‘priestess of the Goddess’ outing featured here incidentally along with the adorable ’circle round’ – the former a mysterious mystical mistral blending arabesque chamber drone with poise, drama and a darkening beauty whose stately and formidable tension racked bouquet is sand scorched and forged upon a timeless tongue of classicist musicality whilst the latter finds itself taking its cue from Ex Post Facto’s lost and much loved ’oceanic explorer’ and psychotropically itself blending it onto a Dead Can Dance mainframe. As to Leye Weye, well what can we say about their wonderfully fog bound ‘wild night’ – well for starters wheezing harmoniums and monastic chorals which if we didn’t know better we’d be saying it was the haunting campfire union of preterite and broadcast, edging it in the fondness stakes ’knight’ very much tunes into the sublime twilight shimmered gothica grooving of dead can dance. Elsewhere there’s the deliciously smokily stoned and blissed out freak psych ‘cool in the sun’ by Bowl of dust and co who we suspect we need to hear more of before we are very much older. Equally endearing and again something worth investigating is the gorgeously radiophonic lunar transmissions found on matches ’the need of the greatest wealth’ which unless our ears do deceive plots musical trajectories veering into aural orbits at times occupied by the warm digits and the duke st. workshop mind you that said towards its closure it does get a tad wiry and shed its skin into something not unlike the kind of platters emanating out of the NZ underground scene in the late 80’s – notably Bruce Russell. http://www.lycanthea.com/kineticshapes

I swear that if I read one more press release today that name checks Talking Heads without having the attached track actually sounding the remotest like Byrne and Co then I’m packing my ear syringe into a holdall and hot footing along to those various press people to jet wash their lug holes. This though does I’ll grant sound like the ’Heads and as it happens is also the best thing we’ve heard today – though we’ll admit there’s a few constellation tatsu release ready to be fired up and a horrors album to swoon over that might have something to say about that. Latest thang from De Lux ’it all works all the time’ comes prized from the duo’s imminent ’voyage’ full length debut via innovative leisure. A tale about skippy – a drug dealing womanising gangster cat who ends up paying the ultimate price on death row – none of that lovey dovey boy meets girl goof then, I’m happy to hear. Anyhow the track is so stone cold Byrne that once in ear space I wouldn’t be too surprised to find the former Heads headsman raise an eyebrow in concern thinking his voice had been moonlighting back to an era hankering for the sounds of ‘this must be the place’. add in a smidgeon of deliciously frisky white funk boog-a-loo and take the blighter for a evening out at Studio 54 and you have something desirably attractive with which to cut shapes around the hi-fi to.

I really ought to start reading press releases a little more, I say this because this one had us recalling ‘a bell is a cup’ era Wire or more pertinently Wir era Wire – getting a tad confusing now I agree. New single from Malka Spigel entitled ‘tall grey buildings’ – in fact the third track from a new EP called ‘gliding’ – see back to that must read press releases before committing digital pen to as were digital paper lark. The Wire references aren’t as far off the mark as you’d first think for Spigel is wife of Colin Newman whom she shares billing with in Githead, anyway as advertised this is quite lulling in a cruise controlled vapour trailing way, shimmered softly in shoegazey lilts that ripple like sighing Lush afterglows that impact collectively with a stilled poise and panoramic cooled elegance that had us here much recalling a smoking early career Tex La Homa. Better still is the opener ’ammonite’ which we’ve only had a little pick at though can whole heartedly guarantee that with its beautifully peppered noir shaded 60’s pastoral classicism that its guaranteed to arrest, break hearts and be adored by all who fall beneath its spell. out incidentally via Swim. http://www.soundcloud.com/swimhq/tall-grey-buildings

Mused upon earlier here’s the new video accompanying that forthcoming pairing of Benjamin Schoos and Laetitia Sadier via freaksville records….very tasty……

Staying with Ms Sadier word has it that a new single is due to break cover in May – more details as and when they come in, touring Europe / UK throughout April and May, the May sees support coming from the mighty Neutral Milk Hotel – check press for details.

Totally zonked out uber medicated groove from the much loved Lumerians who once upon a time were bestowed the hallowed and rarely traded single of the missive via our sister musings singled out via losing today many years ago for a frankly mind blowing space tripping debut 12 inch. Then things went quiet, we re-acquainted ourselves accidentally when stumbling over a video backtracking ’smokie and the lady chronus’ itself prized from their ’high frontier’ set whilst simultaneously discovering the blighters had been beavering away releasing albums aplenty like no ones business all of which to much heartbreak and grumbling disappointment had passed us by. Now seems these psych dream weaving are shortly to you’re the UK which – we’ve been told – if we advertise the fact then we’ll be lavished upon with a jaw dropping sound clip teaser of their forthcoming 12 inch for Cardinal Fuzz which by all accounts clocks in as a formidable 38 minute headtrip. So here goes – dates are as follows – 7/4 falmouth, 8/4 Cardiff, 9/4 Liverpool, 10 Manchester, 11 Glasgow, 12 London and the off to the road burn festival in Tilburg, Netherlands on 13/4 – so with that done – over to you Dave for those promised sound clips that said for now how about this mind warping sub 9 minute dub dinked psychedelic smoking jacket entitled ‘murder dubs’ which with its lushly coiled spacey textures and zoned out sub-tronic funkiness gets to veering into star quadrants once upon a time occupied by the much missed they came from the stars I saw them. http://www.soundcloud.com/dave-cambridge/cful027/-lumerians-murder-dubs

New album ‘overdrive’ imminent, UK tour imminent, can life really get any better, perhaps a taster single maybe – sorted. Adored around these parts for as long as we care to admit, Shonen Knife return to taste making turntables with the aforementioned album slated for record counter fisticuffs and swoons aplenty next week or thereabouts though not before the unveiling of ’bad luck song’ as a teaser tasting single. A four minute pop party pack acutely wired in their now recognisable trademark Ramones meets the Shaggs shelling though here sumptuously dipped in all manner of bubble grooved cuteness braided in subtle glam tonalities and kissed with a snarling riff coda that borrows from the Pistols ’silly thing’ which as you all know was itself sneaked off the back of a lorry housing discarded three chord trimmings belonging to the Small Faces and the Kinks……

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