the geography trip mixcloud

Staying with the geography trip just a little while longer for there’s a neat little mix cloud tape that’s been put together by the label going by the name ‘abandoned Edwardian schoolhouse’ featuring all manner of hauntology with pye corner audio and moon wiring club firing up the generator charger, woodland escapism, woozy overtures and strangeness aplenty with various visitations from the quite perfect Broadcast, something from folklore tapes crew who we mentioned a little while back, a killer Zombi meets Moroder slice of future daze disco courtesy of mordant music (are they still around – we’ll have to check) and some sinister chiller-a-rama from sounds and silence who surely deserve closer investigation. Add in Ween’s simply beautiful psychotropically floral kookiness that is the effervescent ‘the mollusk’, the ghostly sepia traced aural apertures of the Caretaker who’ve featured in these pages once upon a recent time ago and some quite alluring – is it a sax or a clarinet – never can tell – noir orchestrations on ‘Sunday’ by Kenny Graham and his Satellites.

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