diamond family archive

I know we keep saying this, but hand on heart these are very special, a new label to us probably though not to you, you’ve probably been keeping them a little secret from us, go on admit it. Anyhow let me introduce you to the Stone Tapes imprint who themselves have this little sub label series by the name ‘you must listen’ of which if I’ve got my facts right this is its forthcoming fourth release in the series. These babies come bouncing out on limited slabs of 7 inch wax all in hand stamped recycled card die cut sleeves replete with inserts and postcards in a strictly limited 150 only edition. As previously advertised release #4 comes from diamond family archive who arrive described as wyrd folk from the UK and little all beyond that. Alas we only have the flip side from which to judge, it be called ‘the other side of the house’. in short 7 minutes of shimmering bliss, a congregation of snoozing harmoniums and delicate riff reverbs softly emerge out of the haze to gorgeously stretch, yawn and focus in the clear light, from therein a subtle melodic magicalia unfurls in seductive slow motion crafting out a sweetly arresting psych folk spiritual which many might immediately associate with Cheval Sombre or the Galaxie 500, us here of course being awkward as ever prefer to view it as a hymnal love in between Clientele and the Butterflies of Love. Utterly enchanting. http://www.stonetaperecordings.bandcamp.com/album/you-must-listen-series-1-single-4

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