kreidler / Automat

Next up from Tapete a frankly awesome split 12 inch pairing together Kreidler and Automat on opposite sides of the wax. 5 exclusive cuts appear on this limited RSD14 outing Kreidler by the far providing the most playful side to the proceedings with ‘snowblind’ offering the kind of off centred loosely dub-centric and funky shoe shuffling electro razzmatazz that you suspect your kitchen appliances cook up when the rest of the house is at rest, an intricate multi layered cornucopia of mooching groove that if I didn’t know better would say was the handiwork of d_rradio smoking out with a seriously chilled Cabaret Voltaire – recommended for headphonic action. Built around a clock working motif the cosmic futuro flotilla that is ‘escaped’ should appeal at once to those much admiring of Raymond Scott, Resource Centre and ISAN as it recalibrates or so it seems the back catalogue of John Carpenter into binary blips. Somewhere about us no doubt lost in our inbox I swear we have a digital copy of Automat’s self titled debut full length. Mentioned in passing in previous dispatches these dudes feature among their ranks various members of die haut, prag and sovetskoe foto and can count among their extended family the likes of Lydia Lunch, Blixa Bargeld and Genesis Breyer P-Orridge the latter mentioned of whom appears on ‘Berlin Wall’ doing his best William S Burroughs impersonations over a deeply ice cold and sparsely minimal electronic bedding that makes early career Suicide sound positively effervescent (as it mooches along in a lock grooved mutant PIL dialect) and something which if our memory recalls rightly doesn’t sound a million miles from Mark E Smith’s cosying up with DOSE in the 90’s. ‘MTV’ is indelibly in awe of Cabaret Voltaire albeit here caught in a locked grooving Dadaist trance wired hypno state which all said should find admiring glances aplenty from the Gnod network community. ‘CUL’ wraps up matters with some neatly cross fused 70 Gwen Party meets Arthur Baker mutant sub-tronic technoid funk but I’m guessing by this stage your heads are so mashed they could be playing Trio’s ‘da da da’ and you’d still lurch mechanically across the beat floor.

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