lost harbours

Last up from stone recordings you must listen series is a forthcoming aural delight on the way from lost harbours – which our mathematical adding up being present and correct – will be the third in the series. Again just the flip side to contend with. Entitled ‘within’ – I must admit this is the most touching, hollowing and melancholic thing we’ve heard in an age which by our reckoning should you escape its clutches without the slightest trace of a tear forming and the desire to seek comfort and solace then frankly your made of stone. Utterly arresting and pretty much on the same wavelength of those old school her name is calla outings from a few years ago, all at once haunting, hymnal and hurting ‘within’ is caressed and crushed in equal measures by the bruising detail of monastic chorals and the spectral hypnosis of a sympathetic canter of a looping crystalline riff snake wind. And then nothing. Utterly soul sucking yet bruisingly beautiful. http://www.stonetaperecordings.bandcamp.com/album/you-must-listen-series-1-single-3

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