nancy wallace

Staying with the you must listen a little while longer, current addition to this classic in the making series comes from Nancy Wallace who long time readers of these musings first appeared on our radar many years ago courtesy of the midwich cuckoo / hobby horse collective among who ranks the very excellent Owl Service were to be found. This incidentally is the second in the label series, again as previously advertised limited to 150 copies all housed in hand stamped recycled card die cut sleeves replete with inserts and postcards. The two tracks that feature on this 7 inch reveal a voice and art craft so finitely pure in old folk ways that for once the mere uttering of mellow candle and the fairports are deserved and indeed relevant rather than distant navigational points with which to steer the listener, ‘you restless skylines’ with its delicately whittled and sun bathed rustics is scored delicately to the tumble and turn of the landscapes to impart upon the listener something traditional, timeless and attuned to the language of the land. More telling the sweetly yearning love note that is ‘pockets’ tumbles playfully to a gorgeously woodcut madrigal hued in prettified florals and purring pastorals to softly smother all who hear in a free spirited airy Gaelic warmth.

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