quiet marauder

How we howled with a mix of horror and hilarity, Cardiff’s premier loons Quiet Marauder return to the fray following the release of their exhaustive 111 (yes you read right – 111) song epic ’Men’ with a new single ’wake up Bono’. now we here have a tendency to run at a fairly rapid pace in the opposite direction from anything U2 related let alone being drawn into the egotistical almost saintly devotion that some people see fit lavish upon Bonio but I must admit to a sneaking admiration for this. Concerned at the male half of the species’ losing its moral compass, identity and being seen to somewhat dumb down in recent years with a growing unhealthy reliance – nay obsession – on dubious figures for role models, Quiet Marauder have seen fit to address the question of ’what makes a man a man’ head on in this disturbingly surreal video that finds Bonio comically disembowelled with the band taking bite sized portions – guess the point being that they are savouring his essences in the hope that what makes him him rubs off on them which in turn makes matters more horrific at the thought of armies of Bonios afoot on the high street. As to the song itself a rowdy roustabout of punk pop pub rock delights replete with moments of sinister weirdness Do you think they are up for a list of random targets for ridicule……

For a sampler listening of that epic 111 set ‘men’ go here….

While elsewhere there’s a hilarious documentary on the making of men to be found here…..

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