No sooner do we file away our cherished copy of Witching Waves frankly essential ‘concrete’ cassette then along comes more good time groove from the Soft Power imprint. In short fast becoming our most favourite label since the days of those legendary imprints Art Goes Pop and Marquis Cha Cha. This time of asking Livingston’s finest serve up the debuting recordings of Cruising. A buzz bombing critically cool underground supergroup of sorts featuring a cast of September Girls, Sea Pinks, Logikparty and Girls Names types joyously gathered to exact scab forming gouged grind for kicks. ‘you made me do that’ is a squalling skree skronked slab of sub 4 minute oblivion, feral and furious, blistered and bent out of shape, a toxic voodoo dolly razored in deadheaded Banshee-esque voidism with Partisans afterglows blurring the mix for added tension all bedded upon a spitting and snarling bargain basement lo-fi’d three chord riff rumble that sounds to these ears like a wired out Sonic Youth aping the Mummies. In brief a psyched out slice of post punk nihilism – comes curdled on a strictly limited cassette numbering 100.

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