Gary Numan

Set to play on this years Sonisphere main stage and the Alt Fest as well as confirming a special London show at the end of November where he’ll be appearing at the Hammersmith Eventim Apollo, Numan’s redemption, artistic realignment and critical acceptance continues apace having recently scored a top 20 billing in the album sales chart with ’Splinter’ (which given these days is a feat achieved by the selling of seven identical records within a similar postcode is not something to crack open the bunting and getting partying hard about- still it’s a far cry from the artistically bankrupt days of ‘machine and soul‘ whereby you couldn‘t give the blighters away especially to folk who made a trade in turning wax records into ashtrays – and something that we‘ve eyed is notable for its absence on spotify – artistic control eh) – his first such placing since ’Warriors’. Anyway getting slightly derailed here so back to matters in hand, new video for current single the prowling shadow glowed ‘I am dust’ finds Numan honing to an art form his new found post apocalyptic industrial trance grind groove – his finest in an long while unless I’m very much mistaken.

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