mona and maria

Mentioned this lot a little while back when we ran the critical ear over ’babyflowers’ whereupon we were much adored and transfixed by the wood crafted west coast florals swooning through our speakers. Now we really must get a copy of Mona and Maria’s album ’my sun’ for I fear we may spontaneous combust, the anxiety and urgency to do so now being upped considerably since being mesmerized by their current outing – the albums title track. Utterly enchanting, spellbinding and bewitching – now there’s three words you’ll rarely see parked together side by side, just over 4 minutes of dream drifting woozy kaleidoscopic floral psych folk pop steadily ascending to peak and mushroom into a sun showering bliss kissed euphoric rainbow which reference wise has a gathering of wendy and bonnie, stealing sheep and smoke fairies types huddled together catching a shade beneath a multi coloured umbrella.

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