sea stacks

Sadly not a lot of information about this. In fact lets be honest apart from the track titles and the name of the band there’s no information at all. It is of course gorgeous and liable to have you reaching for tissues and the sympathetic comfort of a supporting hug. New single by the Sea Stacks – just out – entitled ‘glassy eyed’ is a consuming slice of tenderly arranged melancholic pop, well we say pop but to us that cheapens the effect somewhat for it’s a grander thing than that, soured seductively in the wintry whisper of head bowing strings and primed in the kind of forlorn majesty that’s liable to hang heavy on your heart strings. Reference wise you’d have to track back to those early musical utterances of a ‘treeology’ era Shady Bard to unearth anything vaguely similar in terms of having the ability to stretch your emotional spectrum from the peaks of the tempestuous to the aching lows of crushing despair with no hiding place between. Flip side ‘father dealt’ comes sweetly hushed and steeled in the kind of church like reverence and softly stirred spectral glow you imagine being perfect recital fayre huddled around a snow flecked yuletide campfire.

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