vtcn radio

Caught us on the back foot did this, regret to say though that we’ve forgotten from where exactly that we stumbled over it. Seem to recall though – hopefully if memory serves me right that VTCN Radio are a French duo – VTCN incidentally is pronounced Vatican – well bugger me never knew that – there’s years of Law schooling consigned to the trash can. Anyway getting back on track ’Riddle Song’ is a quietly demurred Budd-esque hatchling shimmered in frost tipped garlands and down tempo pulsars which combine to give it a decidedly tastily sophisticated nocturnal mooring that smokes sensuously adrift on the star kissed vapour trails of Air albeit aligned to the shadowy noir of the neighbourhood here removed of the menace factor. http://www.soundcloud.com/vaticanradio/riddle-song-3

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