Time to don tin hats and to getting nailing down everything you consider valuable for Boris are about to break cover with what even they consider to be their most formidable album to date. Due to cause record store frenzy on its release in June via Sargent House, ’noise’ promises to condense an array of musical styles and dialects from shoe gaze to sludge and crust to doomy psychedelia into one hulking 8 track master stroking opus. Ripped from that set the band are currently previewing ’quicksilver’ – a ferocious 7 minute slab of aural annihilation served up close and personal and straight in your face, a raging no holds barred assault gouged in apocalyptic rage and scored through with a head pummelling sonic charge ravaged by the furious head drilling of punitive and primitively feral riffage bringing with it in its wake what sounds like an end of days last stand. Brutal stuff.

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