Electric Citizen

Was it not just a missive or two that we were singing the praises at the altar of Electric Citizen’s ‘burning in hell’ and sizing up their forthcoming debut full length for the easy rider imprint as being firmly stamped on the top of our must hear listening list. ’Sateen’ is of course primed for desire, damage and distraction this coming July though not before the heralding single ’light years beyond’ gives you a finite glimpse of the spell crafting to come. A crunching calling card invested in the kind of mutant beatnik blues growl rarely heard so finely exacted since the dark days of the early 70’s. headed up by a wired out Grace Slick like vocal courtesy of Laura and bolted down onto an electro shocked Sabbathian grind, here found bastardising and butchering Mountain grooves for fun, with the added kapow of Bolan sassiness being added to the potion for good measure, there’s more than enough heavily psychedelicised dosage here to have the most self respecting disciple of the rise above imprint giving their electric wizard records a rest for a while. Available on 7 inch slabs of wax via riding easy – the band will be touring stateside next month as guests of Fu Manchu. http://www.soundcloud.com/easyriderrecords/light-years-beyond/s-GWBL1

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