p j philipson

A very brief mention for this, a full review should appear in a missive or two – sometime next week unless I‘m very much mistaken. Many thanks incidentally to Davis for sending over advance downloads. Third release from the Little Crackd Rabbits imprint (who you might recall us mentioning in passing a wee while back) is a twelve track collection from P J Philipson entitled ‘peaks’. Many might recognise the name for Mr Philipson is more familiarly known to admirers and fans alike of Starless and Bible Black and the Woodbine and Ivy Band the latter of whom you may remember us falling over ourselves in adoration for their limited split outing with Sproatly Smith for Static Caravan a little while back. ‘orgone at magpie mine’ is the parting suite for ‘peaks’ – cradled in a cavernous glacial sculpturing much reminiscent of a youthful Mr Atwood or more pertinently David A Jaycock, this atmospheric honey comes framed in parched reverbs and ghostly echoes, its glassy ambient textures stilled in a deathly aura exact a sense of distance and detachment, yet scratch a little deeper and the subtle tonalities of an Italo psychological horror soundtrack penned by Goblin emerge into ominous view. Essential. http://www.littlecrackdrabbit.co.uk

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