Again due for listening love in the coming days will be the latest Tunabunny full length ‘kingdom technology’ which had I not known any better I would have hazarded a guess had been a previously unreleased gem from the late 70’s recently unearthed and declared a bona fide lost nugget insightfully foretelling of minimalist no wave chills to come. ‘different jobs’ from that set is awash in a myriad of interlocking motifs sewn together from dislocated and disparate dialects, subtle trace elements of immersed psych are flashed through a primitive blender assembled with the variously gathered parts of Au Pairs, Delta 5, And the Native Hipsters and the Raincoats types into a curiously de poppified mixture etched through with playground posies aligned to a distracting part surreal, part woozy daydreaming Dadaist detailing – in a word – essential. http://www.soundcloud.com/crashingthrough/tunabunny-different-jobs

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