We’ve prepped this for closer inspection in a forthcoming missive. Perhaps the best yet in the ongoing active listener sampler series, edition #18 is an exhaustive gathering of psyche, bubblegum, weird folk, ethereal groove and cosmic cuteness that presses together a formidable 22 strong track list – among the invited roll call cuts from Schizo Fun Addict, Sand Snowmen, Earthling Society, Oliver Cherer and Octopus Syng slug it out with some of the finest alchemists of strange pop currently navigating the underground sonic networks. As said we’ll be revisiting this in the very near future though not before drawing to your listening experience ’clear air turbulence’ by Cremator. An eight and a half minute cosmic gigantor which steers along a flight path not so dissimilar to that of Craig Padilla and in so doing choosing – or so it would first appear – to revisit abandoned astral analogue satellites the type of which paid temporary home at one or another to tangerine dream as they journeyed the intergalactic voids on their pioneering missions. But immerse yourself into its gaseous folds and its not so much the Tangerine ones being retraced but the core matrix of the blade runner soundtrack here as though re-phrased into a mind melting mosaic by those Goblin types with the assistance of their acolytes Zombi into a sci-fonic head trip. Alas no other information except to say there appears to be an album entitled ‘clear air turbulence’ doing the rounds – which may or may not be out via Series Aphonos which we’ll look into – that said while you’re here you might be best advised to twiddle your courser in the general direction of wherein you’ll be treated to the darkly brooding ‘ringmaster’ which again is awash in old school retro-electronics and is here ominously bedded upon the claustrophobic hidden terror-phonics of Carpenter’s ’assault on precinct 13’ wrapped in the vice like choking grip of Brad Fiedel’s ’the terminator’.

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