bed rugs

Oh my this is something else. Pressed up as a limited 7 inch release specially for RSD14, Belgian psych poppers Bed Rugs showcase a twin set of tripping tasters from their forthcoming ‘8th cloud’ full length. Having already drawn considerable acclaim for last years mini album ’rapids’ (something to much grumbling we appear to have haplessly missed out on) their now out to blow minds and send all who hear into states of delirium with this mind warping mirage. First up ’purple pill’ sumptuously blends Beatles-esque and Byrdsian mosaics in its initial stages before gently mutating into a seductive softly psychedelic west coast sun tan, kissed with a lolloping countrified ping and radiating honey crusted harmonies aplenty in a desirable Gram Parsons meets Buffalo Springfield stylee. That said it pales when compared to ’Dream on’, the main event here by our reckoning and quite frankly something that needs to be heard to be believed. This honey heads out into woozy altered states laced in all manner of spectral and lysergic trimmings all longingly pressed into a dissipating sepia twisted dream coat peppered by starry lilts and the softly surrendered yearn of ethereal bubble grooved motifs which had we not known better would have said was the work of a ’secrets of the witching hour’ era Crimea. Utterly blissful. Out via ample play.

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