News from afar, well prophecy records as it happens, announcing that the label have just secured the signatures of Australian post black metal aural archangels Germ on a long term contract which aside securing rights over forthcoming recordings should see in time a long overdue reissue campaign of the collectives critically acclaimed back catalogue. Headed up by Tim Yatras according to the press release the idea for the band was hatched over 10 years ago yet it took till 2012 for them to surface with their debuting ‘Wish’ set. This was quickly followed by the ‘loss’ EP while 2013’s ‘grief’ opus saw them hooking up with Audra Sylvain from Amesoeurs. Described in passing as combining depressive black metal with electronics drilled in 80’s stadium rockism, plans are afoot for Germ to start recording sessions for their as yet untitled third full length – tentatively primed for release later this year. For now though and mainly for those thus far unaware, unaccustomed and unfamiliar with their all out blizzard howl then here’s a taster from the aforementioned ’grief’ set courtesy of the blistering ’butterfly’. we seriously recommend that you secure all safe objects and take up your listening position at a safe distance because this just off at some ear melting and cranium caning pace as it rages rampantly and may well have you reconsidering your record buying options and choices… short beautiful and mammoth…..

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